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Jesse Ventura
Govenor of Minesota (Jessee the Body) Green Party WWF
Zacarias Moussauri
Owner of Microsoft governmet want to break it up
bankrupt- started a federal law that companies now need two different accounting firms
Cinco de Mayo
celebrated on May 5th - celebrates Mexico's freedom
Derwin Brown
new sherriff of Dekalb county, Georgia - was gunned down in his driveway
Husni Mabarak
President of Egypt. We gave them 2 billion dollars to stay out of conflict

Charles Bishop
15 year old supported Bin Laden, crashed plane into skyscraper
King Fahd
King of Saudi Arabia, close to Iraq
Mumia Abu Jamal
Philadelphia- convicted for killing police officer- former Black Panther and radio personality
Heisman Award
Highes award to a college football player, New York athletic club gives award, they also give a credit card. Eric Crouch won this year from Nebraska
Meg Whiteman
CEO of ebay
Robert Mueller
Head of the FBI