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What day will this election be held on?
september 30th
This is Hammatt’s first year to be a member of the school board
What degree is Camara working on?
doctorate degree
A report was filed against the people that could have been involved with the attacks
How many hijackers could they identify?
Which commission called the attacks and the issue “not historically significant?
The Bipartisan Commission
List the three leading Republican electives for the November elections.
a. Senate Bill Frist

b. Senate John McCain

c. Senate Mitch McConnell
How is the war with Iraq affecting our nation?
a. Economic drain

b. Increase in injured and dying soldiers

c. Increase of vulnerability in future terrorist attacks
What was President Bush’s response to the nine-eleven attack?
a. Organized the department of Homeland Security

b. Sent troops to Iraq
Who encouraged schools to buy these warning radios?
The National Weather Service
How much money has the Homeland Security Department decided to provide to make sure that all public schools have a radio?
5 million
Name at least two states that have already gotten an automated radio.
Washington, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, and Mississippi
What would this plan require from the immigrants?
Passports or identification card
This plan will affect people from which two countries?
Mexico and Canada
How much money does Homeland Security plan to spend enforcing this plan?
$34.8 billion
The Senate and the House have two different bills.
The House’s bill has more restrictions.
The Intelligence Committee hasn’t reviewed either of the bills.