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Who is the President of Mexico?
Vicente Fox
Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?
Stephen Harper
Who is the Secretary of Homeland Security?
Michael Chertoff
Who gave the "I have a dream...." speech?
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Which memorial did the "I have a dream..." speech take place in front of?
The Lincoln Memorial
Who is the Prime Minister of Israel
Ehud Olmert
Who is the President of the Palestinians?
Mahmoud Abbas
What is another name for the Prime Minister of the Palestinians?
President Abbas
Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain?
Tony Blair
Who is the President of France?
Jacques Chirac
Who is the leader of North Korea?
Kim Jong II
What is the name for the frist 10 amendments to the Constitution?
The Bill of Rights
The area between North and South Korea is called the DMZ. What does this stand for?
De-Militarized Zone
What does FEMA stand for?
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Who is the leader of Afghanistan?
Hamid Karzai
What is the name of the extreme Muslim group that used to control Afghanistan?
Who is the President of Russia?
Vladimir Putin
Who is the Prime Minister of Japan?
Junichiro Koizumi
Who is the leader of Al-Qaeda
Osama Bin Laden
What is the name of the current Pope?
Pope Benedict XVI
What does CIA stand for?
Central Inteligence Agency
What does FBI stand for?
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Who was the 33rd President of the United States?
Harry S. Truman
What is the name of the global war lasting from 1939-1945?
World War II
What is the document that describes the system of laws and principles of a government?
What are the 3 major groups in Iraq?
Which 2 Japanese cities did the US drop atomic bombs on?
Which religion is represented by a star and a crescent?
What does EPA stand for?
Environmental Protection Agency
What are the 2 parts of congress?
House of Representatives
What is the US government program that helps older people pay medical expenses?
What is the major hurricane that devestated New Orleans?
Hurricane Katrina
Who is the minority Leader of the House?
Nancy Pelosi
What does NASA stand for?
National Aeronautic and Space Administration
What does ACLU stand for?
American Civil Liberties Union