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majority party
speaker of the house
Dennis Hastert- Illinois
majority leader
John Boehner- Ohio
majority whip
Roy Blunt- Missouri
role of the speaker
has control of Committee chair assignments and calendars
role of the whip
encourage/pester members to vote the same way on a bill (for or against)
minority party of House
minority leader
Nancy Pelosi -California
minority whip
Steny Hoyer- Maryland
president of the Senate (always vice president of US)
Dick Cheney
president pro tempore of the Senate
Ted Stevens -Alaska
majoiry leader
Bill Frist- Tennessee
has most powerful job in Senate, controls floor debate
majoirty whip
Bob McConnell- Kentucky
has same job as in Senate
minority leader
Harry Reid- Nevada
minority whip
Dick Durbin- Illinois
Virginia senators
John Warner and George Allen
VA 11th District (Congress) (House of Representatives)
Tom Davis