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When __________ levels in the female body are low, it is difficult for the body to retain calcium.
No more than __________ percent of calories should come from saturated fat in the diet of an older adult.
The _______ effect of food is the energy our body expends in processing our foods
What is the general term for a substance that causes birth defects?
_______ bone is sometimes referred to as spongy bone b/c to the naked eye it looks like a sponge.
_______ is an essential fatty acid important for eye, brain, and nervous system development.
Docosahexaenoic acid
__________ are added to table salt to prevent it from forming clumps.
_______ acid is a component os coenzymes that assists with the metabolism of fatty acids.
Research has shown that production of the stress hormone _______ is higher in chronic dieters.
A coenzyme involved in the formation of urea, a component of urine.
A form of mental retardation in infants caused by an inadequate intake of iodine during pregnancy.
A high level of amino acid _____ increases the risk of heart disease.
_____ results from severe niacin deficiency & can develop as a result of chronic alcoholism.
Our bodies can make niacin from this amino acid.
Ready-to-eat cereals & bread products were recently fortified with _____ to prevent birth defects in infants.
The primary role of the B vitamins in energy metabolism is to act as ...
The vitamin-like substance _______ assists in homocysteine metabolism & the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
How many calories are in 1 gram of fat?
How much energy does 10 grams of carbohydrate provide?
40 calories
If a man's waist circumference is greater than _____ inches, he is at an increased risk for developing chronic diseases.
40 inches
Children who watch more than _____ minutes of television per day are more likely to be overweight.
120 minutes = 2 hours
Adults who watch more than _____ hour(s) of television per day may gain a significant amount of body weight over time.
3 hours
Body Mass Index is the ratio of a person's body weight in kilograms to his/her _____.
height in meters squared
If a person is 100% or more above his/her normal weight, he/she is classified as __________.
morbidly obese
If a woman's waist circumference is greater than_____ inches, she is at an increased risk for chronic diseases.
35 inches
Individuals who want to gain weight need to consume @ least _____ calories more per day than what is required to maintain their weight.
500-1000 calories per day
Physical activity accounts for what percentage of total energy output per day?
20% - 35%
The basal metabolic rate accounts for what percentage of energy output?
60% - 70%
What percentage of our body fat level is influenced by genetics?
Which of the following factors is known to decrease our need for food?
a rise in the blood glucose level
A nutrient that does not provide any calories.
Which one of the following recommendations could be safely used to increase muscle mass?
increased training
An atypical action of an individual with bulimia nervosa is ...
severely restricting foods on a regular basis
This is not a gastrointestinal problem associated with anorexia nervosa.
rapid peristalsis
What is the most important factor in triggering the development of an eating disorder?
Triggers are probably unique for wach person.
Between 5-20% of people with anorexia nervosa will die from complications within how many years of initial diagnosis?
10 years
Depression, anxiety, & substance abuse are common in people with _______ disorder.
binge-eating disorder
Food borne infections with __________ are especially dangerous for pregnant women because they can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth.
Listeria monocytogenes
Many food-borne microbes are killed by _____ in the stomach?
hydrochloric acid
The __________ regulates organic farming standards.
United States Department of Agriculture
The 1st commercially available genetically modified organism (GMO) was the ...
This process does not eliminate all microbes from the juice/dairy products; it doesn'ot alter the taste of the food either.
Which causes the majority of food infections in the United States?
Campylobacter jejuni
A mold inhibitor
proponic acid
Which is added to fat-based foods to keep them from going rancid?
vitamin E
Which vitamin is added to some foods because people in the northern latitudes do not produce enough of it due to low sun exposure?
vitamin D
Organic farmers can use _____ for pest control if necessary.
_____ not a common source of Shigella contamination
Raw or rare ground beef
_____ is an essential fatty acid important for eye, brain, & nervous system development.
What is the general term for a substance that causes birth defects?
What is the term for the craving of non-food items such as dirt or clay?
__________ is the term used for the condition in which a happy, healthy infant displays relentless crying spells.
__________ is the thick, yellow substance first to be released from the breast and is rich in antibodies.
At around __ months of age, an infant's iron stores are depleted & supplemental iron is necessary.
6 (six) months
Breastfeeding women require an extra ____ calories per day.
500 calories
The recommended weight gain for a pregnant woman depends primarily on her __________.
The woman's personal pre-pregnancy weight.
Minimum amt. of this nutrient needed is 100 grams per day during pregnancy.
Minimum amount os this nutrient needed is about 60 grams per day during pregnancy.
The recommended percentage of calories from this nutrient does not change during pregnancy.
The risk of deficiency in this nutrient is elevated in a pregnant woman who is vegan.
vitamin B12
_______ is the term used for the onset of menstruation.
__________ servings from the milk group are recommended for young children between the ages of 2 and 8.
2 (two) servings
Adolescents require ___ mg of calcium a day.
Peak _______ mass is generally achieved in our 20s & starts to decline in our mid-to-late thirties.
The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that children be active for at least __________ minutes each day.
60 minutes = 1 hour
Toddlers need a higher percent of __________ in their diets than adults.
fat / fats / dietary fat
Adequate Intake for preschoolers.
800 mg
Adequate Intake for toddlers.
500 mg
Adequate Intake for calcium for school-aged children.
1300 mg
Adequate Intake for calcium for adults.
A period in life sometimes referred to as "the calm before the storm" during which physical growth is slow and steady.
A period in life during which food choices seem "erratic" and intake of dietary fat should be about 40% of total calories.
Increased need for B-12.
lower levels of stomach acid
Increased need for both the vitamins C & E.
Increased Oxidative Stress
All of the following are required to calculate an adolescent''s EER EXCEPT:
metabolic weight
All of the factors are components of toddler's Estimated Energy Requirements (EER) except:
All of the following nutrients have a DRI for children and adolescents EXCEPT:
An overweight child is defined as having a BMI at or above what percentile?
In which of the following circumstances should a supplement be considered for a toddler?
Toddlers who are very picky eaters should be given supplements.
It is estimated that about ___% of youth are overweight.
Which of the following statements in respect to children skipping breakfast is FALSE?
They are less likely to get enough calories in the day.
Which of the following statements regarding diet and the older adult is FALSE?
Older adults taking Coumadin should also take a vitamin E supplement.
Which of the following statements regarding micronutrient intake in older adults is FALSE?
Vitamin A requirements are higher for older adults than for adults.