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a hostel (where university students live)
la cité universitaire
a very small flat (where university students live)
un studio
baptism or christening
Le baptême
birth announcements and invitations to a baptism
Faire-part de naissance
le parrain
le marraine
sweet almonds
les dragées
la communion
sober long white dress worn at communion
une aube
a birthday
feast day of a person's name's saint
la fête
festivities that take place before Christmas Day or New Year’s Day
Les réveillons
des huîtres
white meat sausage
du boudin blanc
goose liver pâté with truffles
du pâté de foe gras truffé
yule-log cake
une bûche de Noël
the Christmas tree
Le sapin de Noël
the christmas crib and carved figures of the nativity
la crèche
father christmas
la père Noël
the French say ____ on New Year's day
bonne année
presents from parents to children on New Year’s Day
Les étrennes
a card sent to friends or acquaintances expressing their good wishes for the New Year.
Une carte de visite
On January 6, the 12th day of Christmas
La fête des rois
Special cake for La fête des rois
la galette des rois
something hidden in la galette des rois
une fève
On February 2
La chandeleur
des crêpes
the English Shrove Tuesday
Mardi Gras
The first of November
La toussaint
test that determines entry into university
le baccalauréat
driver’s license
Le permis de conduire
the age of majority, 18
La majorité
the wedding day
La noce
compulsory wedding ceremony
Le mariage civil
optional wedding ceremony
le mariage religieux
officiator at a wedding
Monsieur or Madame le maire
an official record of a couple's civil status which will later also contain information on any children born to them.
Un livret de famille
French wedding cake
une pièce montée
The French wedding cake is made of ___
choux pastry
the honeymoon trip
Le voyage de noces
clubs for old people
Les clubs de troisième âge
a funeral.