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a pathological (abnormal) fear of heights
ad hominem
"to the man" appealing to one's predjudices emotions or special interests rather than to one's intellect or reason
American Gothic
a 1930 painting by Grant Wood
"albatross around one's neck"
a heavy burden of guild that becomes and obstacle to success, from Samuel Coleridge's narrative poem the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, an annoying burden poem is about a sailor that shoots an albatross and is forced to wear it around his neck as a punisment
"sacred cow"
an individual, organizations institutions, etc, considered to be exempt from criticism or questioning, India believes cows hold the sould of the dead
acronym for white anglo-saxon prtestant member of most privalaged group in society "the man"
Chinese philosopher and teacher wrote a collection of short sayings
someone who constantly predicts bad news, was cursed by Apollos that her prophesies although true woudl never be believed
a piece of music for one voice
a part of a cantata, opera, or oratorio more expressive and musical than an aria
"castles in the air"
dreams about fucture success, extravagent hopes and plans that will never be carried out
monster of classical mythology people would turn to stone Perseus killed him by aiming a sword by looking at her reflection in a highly reflective shield