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The definition of discrimination
The act of expressing prejudice. The intentional taking away of a certain indivdiaul's rights, choices, benefits and opporutnities because of an individual's minority status
Critical Multiculturalism
a theoretical stance that is compatible with the pracitce and values of social work; a concept that embraces diversity and opposes oppression
Social Stratification
the placement of different groups within a society
Reverse discrimination
a specific form of discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, or in favor of members of a minority or historically disadvantaged group
a result of silencing the voices of marginalized people. It systematically, reduces, molds and immobilizes individuals and members of an underrepresented group
What are the five faces of oppression
exploitation, powerlessness, marginalization, cultural imperialsim,violence
a socially constructed classification of groups determined by cultural elements and subjective dimensions
Ethnic Group
composed of people who share a sense of attachment on the basis of cultural criteria and a shared history
Ethnic Pride
This provides a sense of attachemnt to ethnic groups
Culture Bound Syndromes
defined as recurrent, locality-specific patterns of aberrant behavior and troubling experience that may or may not be linked o a particular DSM-IV category. Culture Bound Syndromes are symptoms that look like characteristics of a mental disroder, e.g., hallucainations or delusions, but are actually related to certain beliefs and values of the individual's culture. Culture bound syndromes shold always be ruled out first and should not be dignosed
Cultural Compotence
Cultural compotence refers to the process by which indivdiuals respond sensitively and effectively to people of all cultures, languages, races, classes, and religions in a manner that recongizes affimrs and values the inherent worth of individuals
NASW Cultural Compotence
Set of behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in an agency or among professionals and enable the agency or groups of professionals to work effectively in cross-cultural situations
ethno-racial assessment
clarification of client's interpretation of the significance of events and their meaning. This decreases the possibilty that the worker will miss vital information and is key to understanding
context oand environment of the individual or family
group i______
group identity
broad value ________
broad value perspectives
sources of strength and _______