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Linguini chicken margarita
sauteed chicken, fresh tomato sauce and basil tossed in linguini noodles garnished with parmesan cheese and parsley
chorizo and red pepper penne
garlic choriza sausage with forno roasted red peppers, in a rich tomato and fresh basil sauce garnished with parmesan and parsley
fettucini chiken alfredo
fresh garlic, real cream and parmesan alfredo sauce tossed in fetucinni noodles and garnished with bruschetta, parmesan and parsley
linguini with meatballs
italian sausage meatballs and button mushrooms tossed in a rich tomato sauce and topped with parmesan and parsley
chicken and mushroom tortellini
stuffed chicken and mushroom tortellini in a creamy basil pesto sauce and topped with green onions and bruschetta
jambalaya cavatappi
grilled chorizo sausage and sauteed chicken in a new orleans style tomato butter with cavatappi noodles garnished with a parsley sprig
wild mushroom tetrazinni
portabella and button mushrooms, four cheese sauce, green onions, peas abd tomatoes tossed in penne noodles and topped with bruschetta, parmesan and parsley
roasted chicken linguini
sauteed chicken, brocolli, garlic cream sauce tossed in linguini noddles topped with crumbled goat cheese topped with pine nuts and parsley
salmon and prawn orientale
stirfried salmon, prawns and peppers in a black bean sauce with linguini noodles, garnished with a lemon wedge
lobster ravioli
ravioloi stuffed with lobster, shrimp, crab, and ricotta cheese tossed in a lemon dill cream sauce, garnished with grape tomatoes, bruschetta and parmesan cheese
pescatore linguini
prawns, scallops, and calamari simmered in a whitre wine, fennel, shallots and tomato broth tossed in linguini noodles and garnished with fresh chopped parsley
linguini pomodoro
fresh tomato sauce, torn basil tossed in linguini noodles and tipped with parmesan and parsley
lasagna with sicilian meatballs
forno baked lasagna with tomato braised sicilian meatballs garnished with parmesan cheese and parsley
chicken marsala
tender chicken with botton and portabella mushroom sauce, served with mediterranean vgetables and mashed potatoes
parmesan chicken
tender parmesab breaded chciken breast, mozarella cheese and rich tomato sauce served with alfredo linguini garnished with parmesan cheese, bruschetta and parsley