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user friendly system of applications specifically designed to compare and verify data generated from the SGL application and the scan data
Image Scoring Production Control System
designed for 5000I Scanners/WinScore to process documents through WinScore.
compares information from the SGL application and scan data behind the scene it essentially generates errors for online updates that requires editing.
shows the user the hierarchy from the district level, school teacher, student down to the test score level information can be edited
Online Update
application designed to correct and edit WinScore errors such as case count, blank name, teachers matching, form and level problems
Edit Flag
WinScore errors that need to be corrected by an updates clerk these errors are highlighted in red, errors highlighted in blue are informative
application that moves a completed WinScore job in a holding area in the mainframe where the data can be archived.
OP Unit Statistics Report
report that contains district, teachers, case count, grade, forms and levels. It is used to verify information of the job being exported
Restore Archive
WinScore application that brings a job back into the system after it has been exported and archived
Online Sheet
document flier used to identify unscannable documents
U Sheet
document flier used in place of an unscannable sheet
U Flyer
flyer used that is placed on top of a stack. this flyer is used to alert Updates that an U sheet has been inserted into the stack.