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binding,written agreement between customer and company
document that provides an overview of a contract;provides contract milestones and specific guidlines for processing and reporting.
Estimated Date of Arrival
expected date that a customer's documents should arrive
Turn Around Time
number of days used to process a customer's job throughout operations and within each individual cell
Drop Dead Date
date the contract must be completed by
Camis Number
5 digit number assigned to a contract for charging purposes
Contract Grades
grades agreed upon/processed for a contract
Non-contract Grades
grades not agreed upon in contract
Off Level
group of students testing at a level other than specified to the grade/contract
Content Area
individual subjects set up to assess a student's performance in specific areas
Custom Product
customized test product that has been developed and designed to the specificaions of a specific CTB customer
Shelf Product
series of tests developed by CTB geared to general usage and sold off shelves to customers
Electronic Hand Scoring
electronic system, which allows the evaluator to read and score test documents online
Organization Testing Program
Org TP
An alpha character followed by a 9 digit number that is assigned to a given customer to clearly identify the organization and the testing program. The testing program defines how the job is to be set up for processing and reporting purposes
A group of schools within an area
Structure Element Number
A 9 digit number that identifies a District/Corp within the Organization
District/Corporation Number
Dist/Corp #
A number that identifies a district/corporation within the Organization.
Contract- 2-4 digit number
School Number
Sch #
A number that identifies a school within a District/Corporation as a separate entity:
2-4 digit number
Operational Unit of Work
OP Unit
3 digit number assigned by Log In or pre-defined in the Specifications. It is the structure used to process a corporation through Operations in order to maintain integrity
Pre-work Package
Internal paperwork specific to a customer that follows the job through each work station.
Customer Profile
Cover sheet that follows the job. It provides a history of TAT within each department, along with departmental documentation
Production Data Base List/School List Confirmation
An inventory checklist of schools within an individual District/Corporation.
Problem Sheet
A form used to document all discrepancies or problems encountered within a workstation
School Group List
inventory checklist of teacher groups that the customer said they sent
Group Information Sheet
scannable group header that provides information pertaining to a teacher group.
group of sutdents that the teacher has requested to be processed as ungraded
Instructional level
students taking an assessment test the same as their level of instruction provided by the teacher.
Case Count
number of students tested for a teacher group
combining two books for one student testing in 2 different types of answer documents within a given teacher group
Saddle Stitch
booklets w/ staples
Perfect Bound
spine of a document that is secured with glue and creates a perfect straight edge
Cut Answer Sheet
17" Answer Sheet
Cut Single Sheet
8 1/2x11 Single Answer Sheet
Timing Marks
Black rectangles on the side of the sheet that signal the scanner where to read across teh sheet
Skunk Marks
black marks on the bottom of a scannable document that identifies each sheet to the scanner. These marks are unique to each sheet within a test document
Skew Bubbles
Black circles on the side of the sheet that is used to identify the width of the document. These marks cannot be cut off when cutting the book, doing so will cause the scanner to stop
personal information pertaining to a given student
Student Barcode
pre-coded scannable label that provides:
*Biographic info
*District Number
*School NUmber
*Special populations
Which tie the document to the master file
Security Barcode
Preprinted scannable bar-code for inventory purposes. It is used to ensure 100% accountability for documents sent to and returned from the customer
Slip Sheet
pre-coded scannable single sheet that provides:
*Biographical info
*District/Corp name
*School Name
*Teacher Name
*Special Codes
The customer usually purchases to provide more accuracy
Litho Code
readable, scannable serial number given to identify each book
Score Sheet
scannable sheet used by the Hand scoring evaluators to score the document
Comment Form/Survey
questionnaire used by the customer to collect specific info on testing procedures and test material
Large Print
large version of the test document used to test visually impaired students
test document used to translate written test questioins for visually impaired students
Online Sheet
flier used to identify unscannable documents and to alert Updates that the document must inserted
Computer Generated
loose sheet that has the student's type written responses
Breakdown Tag
tag made for each school that is processed within a district. This tag identifies the number carts for the school
Cart Tag
tag made in Log In 10 that is used to identify a job and the number of carts within an op unit
On Hold Tracking System
electronic communcation system that is used by Operations and the Process Team to document problems encountered while processing and to provide resolutions
Job streaming
specific steps that are taken to prepare a job to move from the Breakdown into the cells
SGL Application
database system used to key enter teacher group information. This information is compared with scanned data to set up jobs for Win Score (Updates)
Stack Header
scannable document used to identify the total number of stacks within an OP Unit. They are used to maintain stack, school and group integrity.
computerized system used to maintain production status for all jobs recieved and processed through each department (provides valuable reports)
Scoring Order
5 digit number followed by the tracking route and may consist of a part number, which is assigned to every customer ex) 60144s5385
This number is used to locate any given customer in the mainframe tracking system
computerized system built from the mainframe pre-work file. It is used to locate any given customer in various stages within CTB.
aggressive elimination of waste from the process
prodcution process utilizing one piece flow
In Progress Kanban
visual pull flow signal
Group Information Envelope
envelope that is used by customers to consolidate a teacher group and return to CTB
Stack Cover Card
Cardboard cover used with paper bands to consolidate and secure teacher groups for return to CTB