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Confession of faith and participation in traditions
Role and influence of bodily, physical participation in confession

Associated with baptism
Confession of faith and the Holy Spirit
1 Cor 12:3 - nobody can say that Jesus is "Lord" except by the HS
Imago dei and confession of faith
Physical act

God provides way for us to relate to Him
Confession of faith and salvation
Rom 10:9 - if you confess that Jesus is "Lord" and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, then you will be saved
Creeds and Reading Scripture
Creeds as summary of faith detailed in Scripture, and creeds used to interpret Scripture
Creeds and revelation of the Trinity
Trinity develops confession of faith

Creeds identify persons of the Trinity
Creeds and church
Identify Christian community

Role of church to inform and be formed by understanding of faith
Holy Spirit within the Trinity
Active agent, binding force
Trinity and Scripture
OT/NT depiction of Trinity
Trinity and Tradition of Baptism
Jesus' Baptism

Mt 28:19 - Baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit and Resurrection
Rom 8:11 - Holy Spirit raised Jesus, and if the HS is also in you, the HS will also raise your mortal body
Imago dei and Human Understanding of Trinity
Limited in your understanding of the immanent trinity because of human-ness, but do see the economic trinity
Trinity and Mission of Church (Newbegin's 3 things)
Newbegin: Trinitarian mission of church to (1) Proclaim the kingdom of the Father, (2) Share the life of the Son, (3) and bear witness of the Spirit
Holy Spirit and Christology
1 Cor 12:3 - able to confess Jesus as "Lord" by the Holy Spirit

Spirit comes upon Jesus at baptism
Holy Spirit and Creation/Imago dei
Gen 2:7 - God breathed breath of life into man and he became living
Achtemeier on Holy Spirit and Scripture
Achtemeier - Holy Spirit rests on X, inspires X's community, guides writers of Scripture, controls choice of canon, inspires interpreters, empowers preachers
Holy Spirit and the Church
Holy Spirit involved in preaching (Jn 14:26), promoting faith (1 Cor 12:3), inspiring prayer (Rom 8:26-27), transforming believers (Rom 5:5), and inspiring ministries (1 Cor 12)
Holy Spirit and Eschatology
"Sign" of first fruits and of eschatological age of Jesus, empowers fellowship, sent by X to help His community
Imago Dei and Church
Identity informs role of community - communion with God, stewardship over the Earth, Social relationships
Imago dei and Via Salutis
Consider human sin and how God addresses that

Repentance -> Hearing Gospel -> Conversion -> God Forgives (Justification) -> God Re-generates -> Sanctification -> Glorification
Christology and Via Salutis
Consider who Jesus is - council definitions, fully devine, fully human

Connect to atonement theories
Christology and the Eschaton
Jesus initiates the coming kingdom
Christology and the Imago Dei
Jesus restores the Imago Dei, is the new Adam - restores humanity's communion with God, the Earth, and others

2 Pet 1:4 - theosis
Sacraments and the Eschaton
"Signs" of coming kingdom and God's work within creation
Church Models and Sacraments (esp. Baptism)
Cyprianic Model claims total authority of baptism - nobody saved outside of it

Augustinian Model - recognizes that Christ and not the church or the minister baptizes
Church and Eschatology - Newbegin's 3 purposes of the church in relation to the coming kingdom of God
Newbegin - church is Sign, Instrument, and Foretaste of the coming kingdom of God
Church and Present Role - 3 activities now
3 current activities - Liturgy/worship in response to God's gifts, Proclamation/evangelism of God's gifts to the world, Ministry/service in embodiment of God's love
Christology and the Church
Church is the body of Christ in the world
Salvation and Traditions
Cyril of Jerusalem - Figurative acts of the sacraments provide real salvation

1 Cor 11:23 - since mysterious sacraments are ordained by X, empowered by HS, then we have assurance that they actually unite us with X
Imago Dei and Liturgy/Traditions
Wainwright - performative and physical actions affect us
Human experience and Scripture
Performative actions, reading Scripture, promote and carry forward Scripture - incarnational value of speech
Sacraments and Christ
Sacraments allow us to participate in Christ's life and death
Church, and the Transmission of Tradition and Faith
Tradition received and passed on, value in hearing and speaking about faith (1 Cor 11; 1 Cor 15; Rom 10)
Two Specific Purposes of Scripture and Liturgy, and role of Church
Two purposes - worship God and promote human salvation
Scripture: Imago dei
Gen 1:26-27
Scripture: God breathes "breath" into man so that he becomes living; HS involved in creation and gives life
Gen 2:7
Scripture: Baptism of Jesus with voice of God declaring him as his Son and the descending of the Holy Spirit; Trinity at his baptism
Mt 3:16-17
Scripture: Trinitarian confession involved in baptism, "Great Commission"
Mt 28:19
Scripture: Jesus' prayer for unity amongst the apostles, like the unity within the Trinity; model for unity of the church
Jn 17:20-21
Scripture: Thomas calls the risen Jesus, "My Lord, my God," identifying Jesus with God; confession
Jn 20:28-29
Scripture: Pentecost; coming of the HS
Acts 2
Scripture: Paul's declaration that "all have sinned" and are in need of salvation; condition of the fallen human race
Rom 3:23
Scripture: X resurrected by HS; likewise, HS will resurrect us and prepare us for new life with God
Rom 8:11
Scripture: confession! if we confess that X is "Lord" and believe that God raised him from the dead, then we too will be saved
Rom 10:9
Scripture: Paul passes on what he received from X about the eucharist and its significance; value of receiving and the transmitting tradition
1 Cor 11:23ff
Scripture: nobody can confess X as "Lord" without the HS; faith is a "gift" from God
1 Cor 12:3
Scripture: God inspired variety of gifts for ministry of the church; together, people form "one" body; unity of the church
1 Cor 12:4-13
Scripture: all are subject to judgment before God; all will be judged based on works
2 Cor 5:10
Scripture: God works within and through us; sanctification
Phil 2:13
Scripture: will become partakers of the divine nature; points to sanctification, and glorification
2 Pt 1:4