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Test Data Generator
A software package that creates test transactions for testing application systems and programs. The type of transactions that can be generated is dependent upon the options available in the test data generator. With many current generators, the prime advantage is the ability to create a large number of transactions to volume test application systems.
Test Data Set
Set of input elements used in the testing process.
Test Design Specification
A document that specifies the details of the test approach for a software feature or a combination of features and identifies the associated tests.
Test Driver
A program that directs the execution of another program against a collection of test data sets. Usually, the test driver also records and organizes the output generated as the tests are run.
Test Harness
A collection of test drivers and test stubs.
Test Incident Report
A document describing any event during the testing process that requires investigation.
Test Item
A software item that is an object of testing.
Test Item Transmittal Report
A document that identifies test items and includes status and location information.
Test Log
A chronological record of relevant details about the execution of tests.
Test Plan
A document describing the intended scope, approach, resources, and schedule of testing activities. It identifies test items, the features to be tested, the testing tasks, the personnel performing each task, and any risks requiring contingency planning.
Test Procedure Specification
A document specifying a sequence of actions for the execution of a test.
Test Scripts
A tool that specifies an order of actions that should be performed during a test session. The script also contains expected results. Test scripts may be manually prepared using paper forms, or may be automated using capture/playback tools or other kinds of automated scripting tools.
Test Stubs
Simulates a called routine so that the calling routine’s functions can be tested. A test harness (or driver) simulates a calling component or external environment, providing input to the called routine, initiating the routine, and evaluating or displaying output returned.