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Special code segments that when invoked by a code segment under testing, simulate the behavior of designed and specified modules not yet constructed.
An individual or organization that supplies inputs needed to generate a product, service, or information to a customer.
One or more software applications that together support a business function.
System Test
During this event, the entire system is tested to verify that all functional, information, structural and quality requirements have been met. A predetermined combination of tests is designed that, when executed successfully, satisfy management that the system meets specifications. System testing verifies the functional quality of the system in addition to all external interfaces, manual procedures, restart and recovery, and human-computer interfaces. It also verifies that interfaces between the application and the open environment work correctly, that JCL functions correctly, and that the application functions appropriately with the Database Management System, Operations environment, and any communications systems.
1. A set of one or more test cases.

2. A set of one or more test cases and procedures.
Test Case Generator
A software tool that creates test cases from requirements specifications. Cases generated this way ensure that 100% of the functionality specified is tested.
Test Case Specification
An individual test condition, executed as part of a larger test that contributes to the test’s objectives. Test cases document the input, expected results, and execution conditions of a given test item. Test cases are broken down into one or more detailed test scripts and test data conditions for execution.
Test Cycle
Test cases are grouped into manageable (and schedulable) units called test cycles. Grouping is according to the relation of objectives to one another, timing requirements, and on the best way to expedite defect detection during the testing event. Often test cycles are linked with execution of a batch process.
Symbolic Execution
A method of symbolically defining data that forces program paths to be executed. Instead of executing the program with actual data values, the variable names that hold the input values are used. Thus, all variable manipulations and decisions are made symbolically. This process is used to verify the completeness of the structure, as opposed to assessing the functional requirements of the program.