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Products, services, or information supplied to meet customer needs.
Pass/Fail Criteria
Decision rules used to determine whether a software item or feature passes or fails a test.
Path Expressions
A sequence of edges from the program graph that represents a path through the program.
Path Testing
A test method satisfying the coverage criteria that each logical path through the program be tested. Often, paths through the program are grouped into a finite set of classes and one path from each class is tested.
Performance Test
Validates that both the online response time and batch run times meet the defined performance requirements.
Performance/Timing Analyzer
A tool to measure system performance.
Phase(or Stage)Containment
A method of control put in place within each stage of the development process to promote error identification and resolution so that defects are not propagated downstream to subsequent stages of the development process. The verification, validation, and testing of work within the stage that it is created.
Managerial desires and intents concerning either process (intended objectives) or products (desired attributes).
Population Analysis
Analyzes production data to identify, independent from the specifications, the types and frequency of data that the system will have to process/produce. This verifies that the specs can handle types and frequency of actual data and can be used to create validation tests.
The step-by-step method followed to ensure that standards are met.
The work effort that produces a product. This includes efforts of people and equipment guided by policies, standards, and procedures. The process or set of processes used by an organization or project to plan, manage, execute, monitor, control, and improve its software related activities. A set of activities and tasks. A statement of purpose and an essential set of practices (activities) that address that purpose.