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Force Field Analysis
A group technique used to identify both driving and restraining forces that influence a current situation.
Formal Analysis
Technique that uses rigorous mathematical techniques to analyze the algorithms of a solution for numerical properties, efficiency, and correctness.
Functional Testing
Application of test data derived from the specified functional requirements without regard to the final program structure.
A graphical description of individually measured values in a data set that is organized according to the frequency or relative frequency of occurrence. A histogram illustrates the shape of the distribution of individual values in a data set along with information regarding the average and variation.
Infeasible Path
A sequence of program statements that can never be executed.
Materials, services, or information needed from suppliers to make a process work, or build a product.
A formal assessment of a work product conducted by one or more qualified independent reviewers to detect defects, violations of development standards, and other problems. Inspections involve authors only when specific questions concerning deliverables exist. An inspection identifies defects, but does not attempt to correct them. Authors take corrective actions and arrange follow-up reviews as needed.
The insertion of additional code into a program to collect information about program behavior during program execution.
Integration Testing
This test begins after two or more programs or application components have been successfully unit tested. It is conducted by the development team to validate the technical quality or design of the application. It is the first level of testing which formally integrates a set of programs that communicate among themselves via messages or files (a client and its server(s), a string of batch programs, or a set of online modules within a dialog or conversation.)
Invalid Input
Test data that lays outside the domain of the function the program represents.
The ability to lead, including inspiring others in a shared vision of what can be, taking risks, serving as a role model, reinforcing and rewarding the accomplishments of others, and helping others to act.