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Mission of Maintenance Battalion
Provides general and intermediate maintenance support for MC furnished tactial ordance engineer, motor t, communication electronics, and general equipment support to the MEF
How Many Companies does Maintenance Battalion have
What are the companies of Maintenance Battalion
Ordance Maintenance Company
Motor T Maintenance Company
Electronics Maintenance Company
General Support Maintenance Company
Engineer Maintenance Support
How Many tasks does Maintenance Battalion have
What are the tasks of Maintenance Battalion
Provide 3d echelon maintenance on end items by replacment and repair
provide 4th echelon intermediate maintenance by by means(secondary repariable program) of repair and rebuild
provide tracked-vehicle evacuation
Provide Calibration services for electronic and mechanical TMDE (Test Measurement, diagostic equipment)
Provide Organizational 2nd echleon & intermidiate 3/4 maintenance on end items
Provide Technical assitance
Provide intermediate maintenance and modification on in stock equipment
Provide technical inspection
What are the three catergories of Maintenance
What is Organizational Maintenance
Organizational - unit performs on its assigned equipment

Consists of 1st and 2nd echelon

1st- maintenance performed by the user of the equipment
2nd- scheduled maintenance, diagnosis and isolation of previously identified malfunction
What is Intermediate Maintenance
Intermediate - the responsibility of and performed by designated maintenance activities in direct support of the using organization.
Consists of 3d and 4th
3d- performed by specially trained personnel -TMDE
4th- normally associated with semi-fixed of permanent shops
Whar is Depot Maintenance
performed on materiel that requries a major overhaual or a complete rebuilding

Consists of 5th
5th echelon maintenance can performed @ intermediate maintenance activities if authorized by the COMMANDANT.
Define the following terms:
Preventive Maintenance
Overhaul-completely serviceable condition
Preventive Maintenance-care and servicing to maintain equipment
Rebuild-a standard as nearly as possible to its orginal condition
Repair-to serviceable condition through correction of a specific failure
Unservicable- unfit for use, but can be restored