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What is the mission of LSB?
provides general support including support of the ship-to-shore movement during amphibious operations and terminal operations
How many companies is w/n LSB?
what are the companies w/n LSB?
Landing Support Equipment
Beach and Terminal Operations
Landing Support Company X's 3
What are the task w/n LSB?
Provide centralized control and coordination of landing support, throughput, port and terminal operations
Provide a nucleus from organic assests to the landing support party and inttial CSS for the assualt echelon
Provide port and terminal operations at ports,beaches, railheads, airheads, and cargo terminals
Provide air delivery support equipment and riggers personnel
Provide basic engineer task reequired for landing support operations
Provide local security on numbered/colored beaches
How many task are w/n LSB?
Define the following:
Beach support
Beach master unit
Commander Amphibious task Force (CATF)
Commander Landing Force (CLF)
Helicopter Support Team (HST)
Landing beach
Landing force Control Party (LFCP)
Landing Zone (LZ)
Shore party
Beachhead- a desginated area on a hostile shore that ensures continous landing or troops and material
Beach support area (BSA)- area to the rear of a landing force for evaucated wounded, pows, and captured material
Beach master unit- a commisioned naval unit used to provide to the shore party a naval component (support one landing division)
Commander Amphibious task Force (CATF)- Navy Officer who commands the amphibious task force
Commander Landing Force (CLF)- an officer wo commands the landing force
Debarkation - unloading of troops and equipment, or supplies from a ship or aircraft
Embarkation - putting personnel, vehicles and equipment on ship or aircraft
Helicopter Support Team (HST)-task orginization formed for an LZ to facilate landing and movement of heloborne troops and equipment
Landing beach- shoreline for BLTs
Landing force Control Party- (LFCP)specically trained personnel to control air traffice for a LZ
Landing Zone (LZ) - specified zone used for landing aircraft
Shore party- a task orginzation of the landing force formed to facilitate landing and movement off the beaches(troops,equipment, supplies, evac of casualties pows, and beaching retraction and salvaging of landing ships and aircraft) made up of naval and landing forces
What are the phases of amphibious operations?
Planning Phase
Embarkation Phase
Rehearsal Phase
Movement Phase
Assault Phase (most crtical)
What are the types of rehearsal phases?
Separate Force rehearsal- ATF not associated w/main body
Staff Rehearsal- staffs who particapates in amphibious ops
Integrated Rehearsal- two desired for assualt phase to test acutal plan
What are some reherasal considerations?
Use same equipment as the LF
LF should plan for possible equipment loss
LF should plan for maintenance of the equip
cririque and adjust plan as required
secrecy,time and costs dedicates manual or computer rehearsals
What are the three types of activities during the movement phase?
Continuation of planning
Care and Maintenance of material
Preparation of the Assualt
What are the parts of the Assualt phase?
Ship to shore movement
subsquent operations