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What is the mission of Dental BN?
Provide general dental healthcare to the MEF
How many Companies does dental BN have?
2 companies
4 during war
What are the tasks of Dental BN?
Provide a comprehensive program if dental healthcare to the MEF
Coordinate MEF dental healthcare support requirments
Provide dental detachments to support MAGTF's
Supervise implmentation of dental health care delivery programs for the MEF
What are the task of H&S company in dental BN
Provide command support functions for the operation of the BN
Assist with and coordinate professionals matters such as QA, infection control, dental readiness, and professional and in-service training to the BN
What are the two tasks of the Dental Company?
Maintain MAGTF units in an acceptable state of dental readiness
Provide a comprehensive denatl program for the MEF including emergency dental tx except maxillofacial surgery.
Where are the dentals
3d Okinawa
11th Iwakuni
21st Hawaii