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Define WRM (War Reserve Material)
mission-essential prinple items, secondary items, and muntions required to attain operational objectives.
Acquired at Peactime
Define LTI
Limited Technical Inspection
used to inspect equipment condition
Define TAM
Table of authorized material
includes: materiel, subsistence, and petroleum(oils and lubricants)
Define T/E
Table of authorized equipment
document listing equipment
Define T/O
provides authority for the personnel staffing of a unit
How long can the following types of MAGTF sustain themselves:
MEF Forward (Brigade)
MEU: 15 days
MEF Forward (Brigade): 30 days
MEF: 60 days
Explain the MPF
Maritime Prepositioning Force
uses MSC chartered ships to preposition neccessary supplies and equipment
Divided into MPSRON; each MPSRON can sustain one MEF for 30 days