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Friction Ridge Skin
a.k.a. fingerprinting
Pattern of ridges and valleys found on the palm sides of your hands and bottoms of your feet
How are fingerprints left?
body oils or amino acids found naturally in the person's skin; oils leave a copy of the ridges on many materials
Advantage of Friction Ridge Skin Identification
each person has a completely unique print
Influences on your Print
genes determine basic characteristics of the ridge patters; microenvironment of the growing cells in the womb affects how prints develop
How to lift a fingerprint
-Dust carbon powder on print using a light brish
-Use tape called lifter to remove any prints illuminated by powder
-Place tape on a black or white card to display print
Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems: computers that can compare a single print to thousands of prints in a database
the process of determining that an object is a member of a group with similar characteristics
the process of identifying what differentiats one specific print from all other prints
tiny points in the ridge pattern that identify a print
where the ridge splits into two ridges
Ridge Ending
where a ridge ends
Why Controversial?
No uniform standard for establishing if a match exists
Nine Classes of Fingerprints
Arch, Tentarch, Right Loop, Left Loop, Double Loop, Right Pocket Loop, Left Pocket Loop, Whorl, and Mixed Figure
Whose print was found and what was its class?
Jeff Knight's right middle fingerprint was found and determined to be a right loop