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Why is protein important?
Protein helps to repair and build muscle tissue.
What foods contain protein?
Meats, fish, nuts, diary
Why are carbohydrates important?
Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body.
What foods contain carbohydrates?
Bread, cereal, pasta
Why are saturated fats harmful?
They may increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels.
What are complex carbohydrates?
The bread, grain, pasta group.
What do complex carbohydrates do?
They act as the main source of fuel.
What are simple carbohydrates?
Contain sugars. Not an effective source of energy for the body.
Why are fruits and vegetables important?
Provide the body with water, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.
Why is fiber important?
Aids in digestion. Unsoluable.
What are vitamins and minerals?
They help the body to function normally.
What does vitamin B2 do?
Helps turn food into energy.
What benefits does the meat group provide?
Growth and repair of soft tissue.
What are the building blocks for muscle development?
Amino acids.
What are used to facuilitate the use of vitamins?
What is a maintainance diet?
The number of calories consumed equals the number of calories used.
What is diastolic?
Blood pressure when the heart is relaxes
What is systolic?
Blood pressure when the heart is contracting
Which is diastolic and systolic?
120- systolic
80- diastolic
What are the optimal blood pressures?
systolic should be under 140
diastolic should be under 85
How do you find heart rate
220- age
What are the optimal heart rate levels?
40-90 bpm
What does aerobic ex. do?
-Allows heart/muscles to use oxygen efficiently.
-Forces continuous, rigorous movement
-Forces heavy breathing.
-Stimulates body.
-Burns fat.
-Strengthens muscles
What is anaerobic ex?
Weight training
What are the benefits of weight training?
-Muscles burn more calories at rest than does fat.
-Muscular endurances
-Decreases the likelihood of athletic injury.
-Promotes healthy self-image.
What is the skeletal system?
The framework that gives shape and form to the human body.
What are joints?
Two or more bones coming together- held together by ligaments
What is cartilage?
Cushions the joint and absorbs shock.
What does the skeleton do?
Stores minerals, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate-these give bones their strength
When should a student begin weightlifting
After bones ossify
What do muscles do?
Initiate movement of the skeleton
What is lactic acid?
An acid produced by the body to make up for missing oxygen- overexertion.
Nervous system
Transmit informations/signals
Voluntary nervous system
Controls actions made through conscious thought
Involuntary nervous system
Controls actions that are not made through conscious thought (digestion)
What does the spinal chord do?
Carries impulses between the brain and body.
When does puberty begin?
When hormones are secreted from the pituitary gland
What is FSH
The hormone present in pubescent females- fertility
What is tendonitis?
An inflammation of the tendon that can develop from overuse.
What is a sprain?
Torn ligament
What is a strain?
Torn or stretched muscle