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What were three early calculators?
Abacus, Pascaline, and Jacquard's Loom
Who were the weavers of algebra?
Charles Babbage & Ada Augusta
Who created the Pascaline?
Blaise Pascal
How did Jacquard's Loom work?
It used a series of punch cards which controlled the actions of the loom.
Who is the father of computing?
Charles Babbage
What did Babbage do?
He built the difference engine and the analytical engine.
What was the difference engine?
A machine designed by Babbage which could calculate mathmathical tables using punch cards. (wasn't actually ever completed)
Who was Herman Hollerith?
Built the first census tabulating machine in 1860.
How did Hollerith's machine work?
It used punched cards for data storage. Each punch represented a number, and two punches a letter.
Who was the founder of IBM?
Thomas Watson, IBM at one point had 90% of all tabulation machines.
Who was the father of the Digital Computer?
John Atanasoff
What were 4 properties of the Atanasoff Berry computer?
used electricity, binary no. system, condensers,
What were 3 of the first military computers?
Enigma, Colossus & Eniac
What was the Enigma?
A computer that was use for cryptographics (secret coding).
Who built the Enigma?
Arthur Scherbius
Who was Konrad Zane?
built the first binary computer, called ZI
What was the Colossus?
It was a computer that was able to decipher the Enigma code.
Who was the main designer of Colossus?
Alan Turing
Where was Colossus built?
Bletchley Park, a top secret British government building
What was the Eniac?
first general purpose electronic computer (if you ignore Atanasoff's & Colossus)
What is Eniac an acronym for?
Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (E.N.I.A.C.)
Who built the Eniac?
John Mauchley & Presper Eckert
Who later improved the Eniac math functions?
John Von Neumann
What were three early programming languages?
Fortran, Cobol, and Algol
What were two early programming languages that were designed to be universal?
PL/1 and Algol 68
What the original purpose of C language?
they wanted a high level language with low level contructs
Who developed C?
Kernigan & Ritchie
What is C++?
It is C with object-oriented capabilities added