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What are preprocessor directive?
instruction (preceded by #) which causes compiler to modify the text of a C program before it is compiled...ex. #include
What does .h signify?
suffix for a standard header file
What is the #include do?
gives a program access to the corresponding library....ex. #include <stdio.h> gives access to stdio library
How do scanf and printf function?
allows reading from the keyboard and writing to the monitor
What is #define Name constant_value do?
tell the preprocessor to replace every instance of Name with the constant_value
What is the function main of a program?
C programs execution begins with the main function
What is the purpose of { } ?
braces enclosed functions
What are declarations?
tells the compiler to save space for a variables
What are some declaration data types
int (integer), double (for real numbers), and char (for individual characters)
What are reserved words?
words (lower case only) which have special meaning and cannot not be altered
What are standard identifiers?
words which have special meaning but can be changed by the programmer but not recommended
What are user-defined identifiers?
identifiers created by the programmer to name variables and other items in a program
What can an identifier contain?
letters, digits, underscores
What cannot be done in making an identifier?
cannot start with a number, cannot contain a space, and cannot contain a be a reserved word
What should not be done in making an identifier?
should not be a standard identifier
What are executable statements?
statements converted to machine language which tells the computer what action to take when running the program
How are executable statements ended?
with a semicolon.... ex. area=PI*radius;
What are comments in a C program?
comments made to document the program
How should comments begin and end?
/* comments */
In CSE 1310 the header section should include a comment with what information?
your name, date, lab no, lab section, lab instructors name, brief description of your program