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What are components of a computer system?
Internal organization, operating system, user interface
What does the operating system do?
manages the computer and provides user interface with hardware and software
What is loading the operating system called?
Booting the computer
What types of operating systems are there?
single program (ie DOS), multiprogramming (Windows, Unix), and multiprocessing (super computers)
What are charateristics of single program operating systems?
one user, one program like MS-DOS
What are charateristics of multiprogramming or multitasking operating systems?
one or more users, can run more then one program at a time, one processor
What are multiprocessor operating systems?
multiple, multiple programs, more than one processor
What are 3 types of user interfaces?
command line (unix, dos), menu driven, and graphical (gui)
What is good about command line interfaces?
small amount of memory used, quick response, easy to program in low language
What is bad about command line interfaces?
user must memorize commands, user can mistype commands, harder to learn
What is good about menu driven interfaces?
reduces user errors, hides details of inner workings of the computer, easy to program
What is bad about menu driven interfaces?
limits what the user can do, frustrates experienced users, must change program to add new menu items
What is good about graphical interfaces?
easy for beginners, pictures are easier then words to understand, uses high level languages
What is bad about graphical interfaces?
uses massive memory, icons can be misleading, can protect you so well that you are unable to accomplish a simple task
What are good design guide lines?
system should be transparent (easy to use), forgiving (errors shouldn't cause crashes), and visually oriented (pictures or easy to see)