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How many languages are used by humans around the world?
There are approximately 7,000 mutually unintelligible languages in the world
How many muscels are there in the human body?
There are a total of 650 muscles in the human body.
How many muscles are used by humans to speak?
we routinely use more than 100 different muscles during hte act of speaking.
How many words are there in American English?
We have approximately 500,000 words in American English.
What is the average rate of conversational speech:
in words per minute?
165 Words per minute...
What is the average rate of conversational speech in syllables per second?
4.5-6.0 syllables per second
What is the average rate of conversational speech in sounds per second?
12-15 speech sounds per second
What does "PFAGH" mean?
P-penalty (rejection)
F-frustration (not understood)
A-anxiety (fear of communicaition)
G-guilt (why do i deserve this?)
H-hostility (anger/resentment)