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processing multiple instructions simultaneously, each at a different stage of the machine cycle
representing a problem as a hierarchy of tasks and subtasks
top down design
the set of specific, sequential steps that exactly describe what a computer program must do to complete the work is know as
a hub is a type of
network navigation device
actual programming of software code is done during the __________ step in the SDLC.
development and documentation
In an Ethernet network the component that acts like a traffic signal and amplifies/retransmits data signals within the network is a
Claims to provide a social good by identifying vulnerabilities in a computer system. -- which type of hacker
White hat
A systems local bus runs between the
CPU and main RAM
the operating system of cell phones resides in
A bus' data transfer speed is determined by its
Bus Width and clock speed
________ viruses will be loaded into memory immediately when the computer starts up, even before virus detection software can load
boot sector
the ________ text system requires special input notation when you hand-write your input to a PDA
The network architecture used in most home networks is
Peer to Peer LAN
Unlike viruses, worms do not
replicate themselves
Adding storage capacity to most PDAs requires the use of
Flash Cards
The main characteristic of a tablet PC is its
advanced handwriting technology
todays chips are composed of tens ofmillions of
In order to support mobile web browsing, phone companies, offering cell phone calling plans usually double as
wireless ISPs
Unicodes advantage over ASCII is that it
supports character representation of many international languates
the earliest electronic switches in computers were
vacuum tubes
the device contained within the system unit that converts binary data into the images that display on the monitor is called
Video card
if you wanta movile computing device that recognizes handwritten characters as a standard feature, your best option is a
tablet pc
unlike sms, mms provides capabilities for
audio and video transmission
the transmission medium with the highest bandwidth is
fiber optic
the category of virus that disguises itself by rewriting its code is called
chip is a common nickname for
integrated circuit
which of the following is most likely to be configured as a client-server local area network
all the computers in a national corp.
two connected computers
ten or more nodes in a business office
a wireless home network
ten or more nodes in a business office
a commonly used material that acts as a semiconductor for c omputers is
WML is a
language for displaying web content on handheld devices
Moores law is
CPU capacity will double every 18 months
hardware firewalls are typically built in as components of
the operating system in a PDA is store in
By placing your PDA in a ______ you can connect it to the USB port of a desktop computer in order to synchronize files
In order to ensure that your anti-virus software is best able to identify and destroy the most recently created viruses you should
us its auto update feature
do tablet pcs include cd drives
the portion of the CPU that coordinates the activites of other components of the computer is the
control unit
______ is a technology that allows a PDA to obtain a subset of website info, often eliminating unnecessary graphics and link, in order to reduce bandwith and strage requirements
web clipping
a common method used by firewalls for maximizing the computer security is
blocking access to logical ports
a software program designed to preven unauthorized access to a computer system is called
a program that apears to perform a useful task but, in addtion, does something milicious in the background is called a
trojan horse
the __________ rate of digital conversion of music content will affect teh size and quality of the MP3 file
unlike a desktop or laptop computer, most PDAs do not include
an internal hard drive
mathematical calculations and comparison decisions are performed by the
The leaset expensive mobile communication device is a
the category of operatig system that you most likely have running on your PDA computer is a _______ OS
Single-user, single-task
a flash card is an example of
a non-volatile memory chip
_____ viruses attach to multiple file types in order to escape detection
The acronym ASCII stands for
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Packet filtering and logical port blocking are common techniques used by ______ to protect computers on the internet
The quality of music in an MP2 file, as well as its size, is impacted by the rate of ------ that was used during its creation
sampling rate
tye type of network adapter that is installed inside a computer as an expansion card is called a
a ------- network is one in which each computer can communicate directly with each other, with no central control in the network
the technology that allows text messaging in cellular phones is called
th emost common input device used for a tablet pc is a
stylus; digital pen
the general term for handheld computers such as the palm pilor or pocket pc is
------ ports are quickly becoming the most common ports on computer today and are versatile enough to connect many types of peripheral devices
a tablet pc or laptop can be placed in a ----- to make it easy to quickly connect to peripheral devices without the need to repeatedly insert cables into the computer's ports
docks, docking station
the microbrowser in a cell phone interprets web pages that are written in a language called
the process of periodically transferring files between the PDA and the computer so that they are identical is called
the data transfer rate of a transmission medium is also called
the circuitry that includes the cpu, memory chips and expansion slots is located on the
bit refers to
a 0 or 1 value
the ability of an operating system to control the activites of multiple programs at the same time is called
microsoft offices is an example of
software suite
the project originating the computer network that eventually evolved into the modern-day internet was called
the terms megahertz and gigahertz refer to the number of ----- per second that a cpu can perform
machine cycles
sortware that you can use for a trial period before paying for it is called
if you want to maximize the pseed at which web pages will be downloaded and displayed on your browser, the best internet connection option is
managing hardware on the computer, providing an interface for users to interact with the computer, and controlling the adccess that paplication programs have to the Cpu are all taskes performend by
the OS
a NIC is used in conjuction with an
ethernet port
by managing the communications lines that make up the main transmission media of the internet, companies like att, spring and mci act as
internet service prviders to end-users like you and me
the category of software most appropriate for controlling the design and layout of complext documents like newsletters and brocures is
desktop publishing
the devices that allows computers to send datea along telephone lines is called
which of the following internet-basec communication methods is most similar to conducting a private telephone conversation with a single person
instant messaging
which of the following is considered to be volatile storage
the brains of the computer which executes the instructions is called the
many computers inclue a restart button on the fron panel; pressing it will cause the system to perform a
warm boot
a set of four numbers separated by dots that identifies a computer on the internet is called
ip address
the main difference between application and system software is that
system software manages hardware whereas application software performs tasks
the following are all broadband connections except
dial up
the follwoing internet connection options all use telephone lines except
dial up
what type of port sends data one bit at a time
slide layouts and design templates are features of ---- software
the following tasks are all performed by productivity software except
spreadsheet modeling
word processing
personal info management
file compression
file compression
online retail web sites such as fall into the ----- category of e-commerce
volatile storage refers to
loss of data on the strage device when power is shut off
which of the follwoing software products is the most appropriate for developing web pages
corel draw
macromedia dreamweaver
adobe pagemaker
macromedia dreamweaver
the instructions that a computer needs in order to start up are located in
the process of converting a digital computer signal into an analog telephone signal is called
if you want to exit out of a non-responding program, you can do this viea the ------ utility
task manager
which method of web searching involves starting with a major categories then narrowing in on successively more specific subcategoreis until finding a list of specific web sites
subject directories
software providers who develop many productivity tools may also provide stripped-down version sthat combine the simpler features of these tools bundled together
integrated software application
the term 56k when applied to modems refers to
data transfer rate
the term that refers to computers that provide resources to other computers in a network is
which of the following is an example of system software
operating system
there are - bits in a byte
which of the following ports is most likely to be used for connecting a pirnter to a computer
the general category of software that enables people in different locations to work together on common projects is called
a company that provides internet access is an
the cell address C5 indicats that the cell is in the ---row and --- column of the worksheet
fifth, thrid
a scientific institution performing intensive mathematical operation for a complex model that requires extremely poerful computer capabilities wiill most likely make use of
correct sequence of smallest to largest unit of storage
instructions and data that are about to be processed by teh CPU are located in
the program that controls the overall functioning of your ocmputer's hardware is called the -----
operating system
the term that refers to unwatned and unsolicited email messages, usually coming in the form of ads from companies is
copyrighted software that is provided without charge usually over the internet is called
commercial web sites will often store text files called ------- on your computer to keep track of info regarding your purchasing activites
---- technology involves using input devices, including microphones and video camers, on computers in a network to enable rel-time communications in a "meeting" format when participants are geographically distant from each other
- is a special purpose language that is used for creating web pages and that allows communication on the www
most productivity software tools proves -- to guide users in a step-by - step manner through performing complicated tasks
training prgrams that requre the student to operate in realistic or dangerous environments, such as teaching pilots to fly or people to operate complicated machinerty, utilze ----- techniques
the location where external devices connect to a computer is called a ------ of which there are many types, such as serial, parallel or USB
a kilobyte is approx --- bytes
2^20 -- 1000
each computer on the internet is assigne a unique identification number called an
ip address
== is the science that attempts to produce machines exhibiting human-level intelligence
AI -- artificial intelligence
with ----- dsl, the data transfer rate for uploading data is the same as the data transfer rate for downloading data
the category of hardware that includes keyboards and mice is known as -- devices
what do computers do
they are data processing devices -- they help organize sort and categorize data to turn it into information
what are the computers 4 major functions
1. gathering data (or allows users to input data) 2. it processes that data (performs calculations or some other maipulation of the data) 3. it outputs data or info (displays infor in a form suitable for the user 4. it stores data and info for later use
what is the difference between data and information
data is a representation of a fact or idea.
Info is data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion -- information is more powerful than raw data
what is the difference between application software and system software
application software is the set of programs you use on a computer to help you carry out tasks
system software is the set of programs that enables your computer's hardware devices and application software to work together
what are mainframes
large expensive computers pecifically designed to provide services to hundreds or thousands of users at a time
what are supercomputers
computers designed to perform a small number of calculations as rapidly as possible
what is a trackball mouse
the rolerball sits on top or on the side of the mouse so you can move the ball with yoru fingers
differenct between optical mouse and wireless mouse
optical -- laser, or internal sensor
wireless -- batteries and send data to the computers via radio or light waves
what is the difference between CRT and LCD monitors
CRT -- cathode ray tube -- tv set monitor; curved screen, cheaper, high resolution, can be viewed at an angle and better color quality
LCD -- liquid crystal display -- flat screen, smaller, lighter and more energy efficient
difference between impact and nonimpact printers
impact -- hammer like keys that strike the paper through an inked ribbon
non impact -- spray ink or use laser beams to transfer marks on the paper -- inkjet and laser

also:plotters -- large printers for oversized pictures

thermal printers -- melting wax based ink or burning dots into specialty coated paper
serial ports are
ports that send data one bit at a time and are often used to connect modems to the computer
parallel ports are
ports that send data between devices in group sof bits at speeds of 500 Kbps and is therefore much faster than a serial port. often used to connect printers to computers
connectivity ports are
ports that give you access to networks and the internet and enable your computer to function as a fax machine
include modem and ethernet ports
modem ports
it uses a traditional telephone signal to connect two computers
ethernet port
slightly larger than a standard phone jack -- can connect your computer to a DSL/cable modem or a network
computers volatile memory
RAM -- located on the motherboard -- where all data and instructions are held when computer is running
permanent type of memory
ROM -- responsible for housing instructions to help start up the computer
What is ergonomics
how to arrange your computer and equptment to minimize your risk of injury or discomfort
origin of the internet
military officials developed the internet as a reliabel means of communication sin the event of war
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line -- transmissions download (receive) data from the internet faster than they can upload (send)

Symmetical Digitcal Subscriber Line - upload and download data at the same speed
Uniform Resource Locator -- composed of several parts -- protocol, host, top-level domain and occasionally paths (subdirectories)
subject directory
a structured outline of web sites organized by topics and subtopics
Boolean operators
words like and, not and or -- used to refine searches
difference between listservs and newsgroups
listservs- private
newsgroups - public
productivity software
brance of application software; include wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentation, personal information management (PIM) and database programs
shareware and freeware
shareware - software that allows you to test sofware (limited time free of charge)
freeware - copyrighted software you can use for free
utility programs
programs that perform general housekeeping tasks for the ocputer, such as system maintenance and file compression
four categories of operating systems
Realtime OS - require no user intervention and are designed for systems with a specific purpose and response time (robotic machinery)
Single-user,single task OS: computers on which one user is performing one task at a time -- pdas
Single-user,multitask OSs; computers on which one user is performing more that one task at a time -- desktop computers
Multiuser OS -- are designed for systems in which multiple users are working on more than one task at a time
Graphical user interface -- display graphics and use the point and click technology of the mouse and cursor, making the OS more user friendly -- common features include windows, menus and icons
device drivers
facilitate the communication between devices attached to the computer and the OS -- translate the specialized commans of devices to commants that the OS can understand and vice versa, enabling the OS to communicate with ever device in the computer system
Application programming interfaces-- the OS includes the blocs of code to which software applications refer -- facilitating the interaction between OS and application software
4 steps of boot process
1. basic input/output system (BIOS) is activate by powering on the CPU
2. in the Power on self test (POST) test, the BIOS checks that all attached devices are in place
3. the operating system is loaded into RAM
4. Configuration and customization settings are checked
Function of the CPU
processes instructions, performs calculations, manages the flow of information through a computer system and is responsible for processing into info the data you input. -- composed of two units ALU(arithmatic logic unit) and control unit
machine cycle
process the cpu goes through to fetch, decode, execute and store data
largest soure of nonvolatile memory
hard drives
amplified and unamplified speakers
amplified -- external power
unamplified -- internal power
an interface through which wxternal devices connect to the computer
IrDA port
based on a standard developed by the Infrared Data Association for transmitting data -- enable you to transmit data between two devices by using infrared light waves
uses radio waves to send data over short distances -- allows wireless transport of data
port that allows you to connect electronic musical instruments to your cmoputer (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
expansion cards
allows additional ports to be connected to the computer -- install into a system unit -- (expansion hubs are similar yet connect to your system through aa port)
what do networks allow users to do
1. share peripherals
2. transfer files easily
3. share an internet connection
difference between client server networks and peer to peer networks
client server -- 10 or more nodes -- contains two types of copmuters -- a client which users accomplish specific taskes and a swerver that provides resources to the clients and central control for the network
peer to peer - each node of the network can communicate directly with ever other node instead of having a separate device exercies central control over the network -- most common -- in homes
4 main components of every network
1. transmission media to connect and establich sommunication between nodes
2. network adapters that allow the nodes on the network to communicate
3. network navigation devices that move data around the network
4. software that allows the network to run
difference between powerline and phone line networks
power line -- use the electrical wiring in your home to connect the nodes in the network
phoneline -- move data through the ntwork using conventional phone lines

both have low throughput and are more expensive than ethernet
white hat hackers -- black hat hackers -- script kiddies
white hat -- not malicious; exposing system
black hat -- want to destroy info or for illegal gain
script kiddies -- amateur hackers -- use tools created by skilled hackers that enable unskilled novices to wreak the same havoc as professionals
what is a firewall
a program designed to keep computers safe from hackers -- closes off invaders to logical ports
wi-fi protected access
wired equivalent privacy -- both use encryption (a method of translating your data into code) to protect data in your wireless transmissions.
network name
a program that attaches itself to another program and attempts to spread itself to other computers when files are exchanged
bootsector virus
replicate themselves into the MASTER BOOT RECORD on the hardrive
logic bombs and time bombes
logic-- viruses that are triggered when certain logical conditions are met, such as opening a file, booting your computer or accessing certain programs
time -- viruses that are triggered by the passage of time or on a certain date
slightly different from viruses in that they attempt to travel between systesm through network connections to spread their infections. infect a host file and wait for that fil to be executed on another computer to replicate
Script and Macro Viruses
Script - lists of commands, actually mini programs, that are exectued without your knowledge, often used to perform useful legitimate function on web sites such as collecting names and address info
macro - attached to documents that use macros (a short series of commands that usually automates repetitive tasks)
trojan horses
do something unintended to the victim's computer -- while pretending to do something else
polymorphic virus
change their own code -- or rewrite themselves to avoid detection -- most infect on certain type of file ie .ese files
mulipartite viruses
designed to infect muliple file types in an effort to fool the antivirus software that is looking for them
stealth viruses
temporarily erase their code from the files where thye reside and hide in the active memory of the computer
do pdas have built in hard drives
no, but for memory needs beyond their built-in ram and rom, pdas use removale falsh memory
electronic switches are devices inside the computer that flip between two stats -- 1 or 0 -- on or off. transistors are switches built out of layers of semiconductors. Integrated circuits are very samll regions of semiconductor material that suppor a huge numbers of transistors
ASCII and Unicode
ASCII code uses 8 bits to represent 255 characters -- Unicode uses 16 bits to represent 65,000 characters
cache memory
consists of small blocks of memory located directly on and next to the CPU chip that hold recently or frequently used instructions or data that the cup needs the most. the cpu can more quicly retrive data and instruction from cache than from ram
an electrical wire in the computer circuitry through which data travels between the computer various components. Local bueses are on the motherboard and run between the cpu and the main system memory -- the width of the bus dtermines how many bits of data can be sent along a given bus at any one time.