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Redux retirement applies to members who joined on or after when?
August 1,1986
How much is the Career Status Bonus?
After what year can you elect to receive CSB?
At the 15th year of service.
What is REDUX?
Determines retirement income
What is Career Status Bonus?
CSB is provides 30,000 current cash.
What is the age of REDUX catch-up increase?
What does REDUX catch-up do?
At age 62 it brings the REDUX retirement pay back to the same amount paid under the High-3 system.
REDUX- first 20 years of service is worth how much?
REDUX- each year after 20 is worth how much?
What is the SEA/SHORE rotation for NCCM?
Sea-42/39 shore 42/36
What is the SEA/SHORE rotation for
Sea-36/48 shore 48/36
What is the SEA/SHORE rotation for
Sea-36/48 shore 48/36
What is the SEA/SHORE rotation for
Sea-42/60 shore 42/36
When will new SEA/SHORE rotation take effect?
March 2007
PRD's of _______ or earilerwillnot be adjusted?
FEB 2007
Adjust a PRD to reflect a senior paygrade for sailors who are advanced in the grade during current tour.
How long has it been since they changed the SEA/SHORE rotation?
4 years (it was in DEC 2001)
If a PRD is adjusted what is it based on?
Overall manning, projection of future rotations to fill the new PRD and enhancement to career development of sailor at the new paygrade.