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What publication contains info on the handling of classified material?
DON ISP Regulation SECNAVINST 5510.36
What publication contains informatoin on COMSEC material?
CMS 1 Policy and Procedure
What is the proper procedures for destruction of Secret and below material
burning pulping pulverizing and shredding
When destroying confidential material is a record of destruction required
Who needs to ensure that the material has been completely destroyed and only residure remains
Senior Person
SPECAT or Top Secret will mornmally be handle be what paygreade
E-6 or above
How must all SPECAT, top secret or above material be accounted for
by signature
What form must every person who receives COMSEC material complete
CMS Responsibility Acknowledge Form
Where will you find the original form that allws yout o handle and use COMSEC material
Annex K of CMS 1
How is the material listed on the watch to watch inventory that lists all COMSEC material held?
Short title, edition, accounting numbers, and quanity
What publication and article will you find how COMSEC material must be marked for effective and superceded dates
Article 760 CMS 1
What chapter of CMS 1 details the personnel, methods, and time periods for destroying COMSEC material