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Who fought in the crusades and how long did it last?
The Christians and the Muslims for 200 years
Why did the Crusades occur?
For either the Christisans or the Muslims to gain the holy land of Jerusalem
Why did the Christians and the Muslims want the holy land?
Christians: They knew it was very holy and that Jesus rested there

Muslims: They wanted it because they thought Muhammad as well rested there
What new class came about?
The middle class ( merchants, blacksmiths,etc)
Who was Peter the Hermit?
A Christian who gathered all the common people of Jerusalem to fight against the Turks?
Name 3 characteristics of a nation state
1.It develops its own system of laws
2.It hires paid goverment officials
3.It has a permanant army
What section in the middle class began to be powerful, and turn their homes in to manchions and why?
The merchants... theyre jobs were very depended on because of the trade going around and the exotic items they brought
Whats fuedilism, and what class had the most of it?
Fuedilism is the exchange for land and protection. The nobles had most land in which they protected theyre king
Whats a Monarchy?
A country tooken over byone ruler
Who were the pilgrims?
People who journied to sacred places
Whats a clergy
A group or body of ordained persons in a religion, as distinguished from the laity
Whats a democracy
A goverment ruled by the people
Whats a knight?
A medieval soldier
Whats magna carta?
The charter of English political and civil liberties granted by King John at Runnymede in June 1215
Whats a gulid?
An organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc
The decline of fuedilism occured because...
The growing wealth and power of the townspeople