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Crusades were ment to free what
The Holy Land
As feudal lords grew weaker who grew stronger?
serfs and vassals
Who were the English Calvinists?
By the 18th Century what country had the largest Empire.
Great Britain
Martin Luther believed that what was the only thing necessary for salvation
Mona Lisa and Last Supper paintings were done by
Leonardo DaVinci
What is appointing a relative to a high position.
One reason Europeans moved to Colonies was for.
Religious Freedom, wealth
Rebirth of interest in learning is called
Renaissance books were written in the language of the common people. What is this called?
The Crusades resulted in a growth of
Trade, Cultural diffusion
What Artisdt painted the Mona Lisa, and Last Supper?
Leonardo DaVinci
What alone did Martin Luther think alone was necessary for salvation
What artist painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
What did the priest sell to shorten the time in purgatory a person spent?
What economic system,is based on private ownership
What groups were fighting in the Crusdes?
Europeon Christians,Muslems
What is a foreign land called that is under control of the Mother Country
What is humanism
the Belief in the worth and dignity of human beings.
What was Luther's list of complaints to the Church called?
95 Thesis
Whatis the economy called that taught the colonies existed for the benefit of the mother country
What was the law that made the English Monarch the Head of the Church?(King Henry VIII)
Act Supremicy
What are profits paid to shareholders of joint stock called
What was the movement called in the Catholic Church to correct its abuses
What were the Christians called who broke away from the Catholic Church.
Who discovered the New World even though he didn't mean to.
Chris Colombus
Who had their classic work revived during the Renassance?
Greeks and Romans
Who is the German that invented the printing press?
Who were the English Calvinists?
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
Who was the English King who wanted a divorce and this led him to break from the Catholic Church
King Henry VIII
Who was the German monk who criticized the Catholic church for the sale of indulgences?
Martin Luther
Who was the German person who invented the printing press?
The German Monk that critised the Catholic Church
Martin Luther
What Englishman wrote "Romeo and Juliet" and "Hamlet"?
William Shakespeare