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What is Edessa?
City of Palestine
What is a crusade?
a holy war
Who is Pope Urban II?
He was in the 1st and 2nd Crusades- he was the Christian leader
Bernard of Clairvox was in what crusade?
the 2nd.
Who was the Muslim leader in the 3rd crusade?
Who made a truce in the 3rd crusade?
Richard the Lion-hearted and Saladin
Who was the Christian leader in the 4th crusade?
Pope Innocent III
What was the Council at Clermont?
(1093) Started Crusades- where Urban II gave his speech. Lords and bishops came. In today's western France.
Why was Constantinople important?
Major trade center since its between the Mediterranean and Black seas.
What is usury?
lending of $$ and intrest.
What are the Bills of Exchange?
Bills instead of coins and money bags- similar to checks.