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what was the forest also referred to because the indians lived there?
devil's perserve
who is Rev. Parris neice, she is 17yrs old beautiful yet also conieving.
Abigail Williams
whose the author of the crucible?
arthur miller
who is Rev. Parris' daughter?
who is Mercy Lewis
Putnam's servant
who says "more weight"?
giles corey
who is the elder woman who is respected for her opinion wiht children because she has had so many?
rebecca nurse
what literally is a crucible?
a tool for heating metal
"he have his goodness now. God forbi i take it away from him",who says this at the end of the play?
whose the characted that changes from believing witchcraft is present and then comes to think salem was not involved with witchcraft?
what are the trials of salem juxtapose to?
mccarthy hearings
who is the leader of the accusers
who is remembered for being so selfish and known just for wanting more land?
how many people were actually hanged?
why didnt elizabeth get hung?
she was pregnant
who was abby mainly against?
why was abby so against elizabeth?
she had relations with proctor
who said "your either with this court, or against it"?
why did giles undergo being pressed instead of just saying he was invilved with witchcraft?
for his children
how did the whole witchcraft rumor start?
abby and others dancing in the woods