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Describe the anterior drawer test
5-8 mm drawer --> rupture of ATF
10-15 mm drawer --> rupture of ATF + CF
> 15 mm drawer --> rupture of ATF, CF & PTF
Describe the talar tilt test
5 degrees inversion --> ATF
10- 30 --> ATF & CF
What is Hooke's Law
For a material under load, strain is proportional to stress
What is young's modulous
After a load is removed, the material will spring back to its original shape, the resulting sope represents the stiffness of a material or Young's modulous
What is the Silverskiold test?
For gastroc equinus
Dorsiflex the ankle with knee straight and then with the knee bent. If the dorsieflexion of hte ankle iwth the knee straight displays equinus then it is due to the gastroc. muscle.
Describe the 3 hammertoes
Flexor stabilization-pronated foot, late stance MC

Flexor substitution-supinated, high arch foot, late stance
Extensor substitution-anterior cavus, ankle equinous , swing phase
What is Simon's rule of 15?
For clubfoot, children < 3 years --> talo-nav subluxation
If T-C angle is <15, talo - 1st met angle is > 15
What to do if patient has edema with a cast
If goes down i nam --> gravity edema -- normal

If it does not go down in am -- abnormal
Clinical test for fracture
Point tenderness over fracture site
What is Mulder's sign?
Silent palpable click when you move met head together up and down, test for neuroma
How do you treat calcaneovalgus
Serial casting for 3-6 months-plantarflex, forefoot adduction, rearfoot neutral followed by ganley splints

Surgery: Lengthen or resect tight soft tissues, arthrodesis
What type of acid is phenol and what %?
Carbolic acid, 89%
5 malignant bone tumors of the foot?
Periosteal sarcoma
Name benign bone tumors of foot
F-fibrous displasia
G-Giant cell tumor
A-Aneurysmal bone cyst
C-Chondroblastoma, chondromyxoid fibroma, clear cell
N-non-ossifying fibroma
E-Eosinophillic granuloma, Enchondroma, epidermoid inclusion cyst
S-Solitary bone cyst
What are the 3 components of clubfoot? What is the order of correction?
FF adductus, RF varus, ankle equinus
Correct the FF and RF together first, then ankle equinus
Tests for lateral collateral ligament pathology
1. ATF 0 anterior drawr test, Push pull late stress radiograph
2. Calcaneofibular 0 stress inversion mortise radiograph
3. ankle arthrogram, peroneal tenography
What is Q angle?
The angle between the axis of the femur and the line between patella and tibial tuberosity
What do you do for anesthesia if pt is allergic to all local anesthetic and you're doing a nail avulsion?
Saline block (pressure induced block)
pressure cuff
Benadryl block (blocks histamine release)