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Actual Production History
Is the product that protects you against individual yield loss based on your individual Actual Production History.
Crop Revenue Coverage
Guarantees a dollar amount of coverage based on your individual APH and board of trade prices. The dollar guarantee adjusts with fluctuation in trading price at harvest.
Revenue Insurance
Is very similar to CRC, but the Fall Harvest feature to automatically raise your coverage is optional. Most producers choose the Fall Harvest option making RA similar to CRC.
Income Protection
Provides revenue coverage, but the coverage does not increase with harvest price changes and the only unit structure available is at the county level.
Group Risk Plan
Provides bushel loss protection based on a county trigger yield. NASS averages are used to determine claims.
Group Risk Income Protection
Provides revenue protection, but like GRP is based on NASS county averages.
Harvest Revenue Option
Provides harvest price fluctuation protection.
Whole Farm Unit
All acres in the county for ALL eligible crops. (Available for RA policies only) Provides a larger premium discount and creates a multiple crop revenue guarantee.
Basic Unit
All acres in the county of a particular crop by share. Premium Discount of 10%
Optional Unit
All acres in a section of a particular crop by share.
Enterprise Unit
All acres in the county of a crop. NO distinction by share nor section. Discount factor based on number of acres & sections planted.