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Crop Yield
The production per acre that the insured crop would reasonably be expected to produce at harvest. The production per acre is usually expressed in terms of bushels, pounds, tonage, etc.
Direct Loss
Only that damage to the insured crop caused by the initial impact of the insured peril.
Feasible to Replant
When the remaining growing season is considered sufficient for a crop to reach maturity.
Precipitation in the form of small bins or lumps, consisting of concentric layers of clear ice and compact snow, and does not include sleet and frozen or partly frozen rain.
The act or process of gathering a crop.
Insured Crop
A crop described in the Schedule of Insurance which has been accepted by us for which a specific amount of insurance and premium charge has been indicated.
National Crop Insurance Services
Exposure to the peril insured against.
To reseed or transplant due to the condition of the original crop.
Representative Sample
An amount of the planted crop that is sufficient to provide accurate appraisals of the crop, as determined by the company.
Schedule of Insurance
The list of crops, locations and amounts of insurance as contained in the policy as issued by us.
Unit of Insurance
Throughout this policy the acre is the unit of insurance. This means that the limit of insurance applying to a loss on any acre may not exceed the limit per acre in the Schedule of Insurance.