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Define Crisis
Upset in a steady state of equilibriam that poses an obstacle to life goals
Three types of crisis are
Situational - Stressful event
Maturational - Developmental
Cultural or value based
Goals of crisis intervention
reduce the impact of crisis
help client better respond
pre crisis functioning
Crisis is usually initiated by what?
Hazardous event
What is disturbed by the hazardous event?
Homeostatic balance leaving client vulnerable
If client can not resolve crisis what occurs?
Tension takes over and activates state of crisis and disrupts personal organization
Crisis is perceived as threat what happens?
Escalates anxiety
Crisis is perceived as loss what happens?
Depression sets in
Crisis perceived as challenge what happens?
Moderate anxiety hope and positive expectations
What basic needs must be functioning to handle a crisis?
physical resources for life
sense of personal identity
Relationship another person
accepted into a group
role for sel respect
financial security
the stages of crisis are?
precipitating event
increased tension and shock
attempts to cope
3 Phases of crisis intervention are?
Formulation of problem
Implentation phase
termination phase
formulation of the problem in the crisis phase entails?
Interviewing focusing on th ecrisis itself and what happened and the clients reactions (MSE)
Implentation in crisis phase entails?
1-4 interviews. organize and work over information from client. Check for themes and set goals
Termination in the crisis phase entails?
last two interviews. Remind client of contract and help plan future activities.