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Luco vs united states(1859)
first photo used to prove forgery
first use of an accident photo
people vs jennings(1911)
fingerprint photos used for id purposes was approved
commonwealth vs best(1902)
first photo of a bullet comparison
flashbulbs used at crime scene
green vs city and county of denver(1943)
court upheld use of color photos
uses of photography in police work
id files, communication files, evidence, offender detection, court exhibits, reproduction, personnel training, crime/fire protection, public relations
what should be photographed
all points of scene and reference photos
detail photos
records details to reconstruct crime scene
fuondation upon which the image is built
images created by pixels are known as what?
bitmap images
records number of pixels in an image
resolution specified in 3 ways
dimensions, total number of pixels, pixels per inch
what should the output resolution be for images that are to be printed
300 ppi
printer resolution
number of color dots the printer can put on an inch of paper
kodak easy share dx6440
16mb of intenal memory....diff sizes range from 16 to 256mb, 43 to 701 pics
pictur taking mode
8 methods
subjects in shutter speed
slow shutter speed...low light or dark conditions
close up
4 to 24 inches use available light
aperture m
you control exposure
displays image of what lense sees....depletes batter faster
5 sec review of pic taken
t to zoom in and w to zoom out
auto flash
flash fires when needed
video burst
default off, no flash
exposure compensation
controls how much light enters camera