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the actor desires his actions to cause a certain result.
the actor is practically certain his actions will cause a certain result.
the actor is aware but disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that his actions may cause a certain result
the actor should have known of the substantial and unjustifiable risk that his actions may cause a certain result
Mistake to matter of fact:
General is a defense IF it shows that the defendant lacked a mental state essential to the crime charged
5 Types of murder
1. intent to kill
2. intent serious bodily inj
3. felony murder
4. depraved-heart murder
5. resisting lawful arrest mur
criterium for end of life is:
1. total lack of response t externally applied stimuli
2. no spontaneous muscular movements or respiration reflexes (EEG lessor)
Murder - Year and a day rule
victims death must occur before a year and a day passes from the "fatal blow" in order to qualify for murder or manslaughter
Elements of murder
1. must be some act/omis by D
2. one of the 5 types of murder
3. conduct must cause the death
4. year and a day rule
Deadly weapon doctrine
permissive inference (may be inferred) that one who uses a deadly weapon on another human being intends the consequences