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Resisting arrest
A person commits the crime of Resisting Arrest if the person INTENTIONALLY resists a person known by the person to be a peace officer or parole and probation officer in making an arrest.(misdemeanor)
By intentionally harassing or annoying someone in person or via electronic equipment including false reports (death, etc). Harassment is a misdemeanor
Fradulant use of credit card
Use of a credit card that is stolen, forged, revoked, canceled or unauthorized use by the owner. Misdemeanor under $750 and felony over $750
Negotiating a bad check
Uttering a bad check knowing it will not be honored by the drawee, unless post dated. Also only if not made good within 10 days of receiving notice ofrefusal or 30 days after utterance.
Robbery is threatening or using physcial force upon another person with the intent of taking property. (felony)
If one enters or remains unlawfully in a building with intent to commit a crime there in (felony)
By starting a fire or causing an explosion of a building of anothers that is not protected property or where the damages exceed $750. (felony)
Criminal mischief
Intent to cause substantial inconvenience to the owner or to another person and having no right to do so nor reasonable ground to believe the person as such right, the person tampers or itnerferes with property of another. (misdemeanor)
Criminal trespass
If a person enters or remains unlawfully in a motor vehicle or in or upon premises. (misdemeanor)