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The falling crime rate in the U.S. is related to what three factors mentioned in class among others?
1. The population is getting older.
2. The unemployment rate has been falling.
3. Rising risk of punishment. (more people are in jail now than ever before)
Any behavior that is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both.
Any behavior that is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both.
A written law passed by a government body or legislature.
A serious criminal offense punishable by a prison sentence of more that 1 year.
A criminal offense punishable by a sentence of 1 year or less.
A crime that may be a misdemeanor or a felony because the judge has the power to impose a sentence of less than 1 year or more that 1 year.
Behaviors that are punishable only by fines are called?
Four reasons why some acts are considered crimes.
1. Many acts considered crimes today were crimes under "British Law" which we adopted.
2. Many crimes have their origin in chuch laws which were adopted by the states.
3. Acts with anti-social and evil intent are considered worthy of punishment.
4. Laws change- acts that at one time were acceptable are now crimes.
Failing to perform an act required by criminal law if physically and mentally able to do so.
Crimes of Omission
The Latin phrase "Mens Rea" means...
Guilty Mind
Crimes that do not require a guilty state of mind such as selling alcohol to a minor by mistake.
Strict Liability Offenses
What are the two elements of a crime?
1. It must be a criminal act as defined by a state or federal statute.
2. Required state of mind(intentionally, knowingly, willfully, recklessly)
No action can be considered a crime unless...
1. It is specifically prohibited by the law of the place where it is committed.
2. The law states the punishment for the offense.
The reason for committing a crime that many lawyers attempt to determine is called...
The person who commits a crime.
A person who voluntarily helps another person commit a crime and is usually at the scene of the crime.
A person who helps commit a crime but is usually not present at the scene of the crime.
Accessory before the fact
A person who knowing a crime has been committed helps conceal the crime or the criminal.
Accessory after the fact
The act of requesting or strongly urging someone to do something illegal.
An effort to commit a crime that goes beyond mere preparation but does not result in the commission of the crime.
To be guilty of attempt, the accused must...
1. Have intended to commit a crime (Mens Rea)
2. Taken some substantial step toward committing the crime
An agreement between 2 or more persons to commit a crime and then take some action toward its completion.
An attempt to interfere with the courts, judicial system, or law enforcemrnt officers.
Obstruction of Justice