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MeNs ReA
LaTiN fOr a "GuiLtY MiNd"; CriMiNaL iNtEnT fOr cOmMiTtiNg ThE aCt
CoMmOn LaW CriMeS:
MaLuM pRoHiBiTuM
ReFeRs To A sTaTuToRy CriMe WhiCh Is NoT iNhErEntLy WrOnG oR iMmOraL aNd FoRbiDs CoNdUcT
MaLuM iN Se
ReFeRs To A cRiMe WhiCh Is WrOnG iN iTseLf Or MoRaLLy CuLpAbLe; SuCh CriMeS aRe FrEqUeNtLy ReFeRed To As "TrUe CriMeS"
A cRiMe LeSs SeRiOuS tHaN a FeLoNy AnD tYpiCaLLy PuNiShabLe WiTh A fiNe AnD/oR iMpRiSoNmEnT fOr LeSs ThAn A YeAr-CoUnTy JaiL
EviDeNcE (BuT iS nOt aN eLeMeNt Of a CriMe)
MoDeRn LaW DeAtH oCcUrS wHeN...
ThErE iS "aN iRrEvErSibLe CeSsAtiOn Of aLL BrAiN FuNcTiOnS" wHiCh, In ThE aBsEnCe Of MeChAniCaL LiFe-SuPpOrT, wOuLd ReSuLt In ThE sToPpiNg Of HeArTbEaTs AnD OtHeR rEsPiRaToRy FuNcTiOnS
ModErN LaW JuStiFiAbLe HoMiCiDe
A KiLLiNg wiThOuT cRiMiNaL iNtEnT fOr WhiCh ThErE cAn Be No bLaMe
MoDeRn LaW FiRsT DeGrEe FeLoNy MuRdEr
KiLLiNg CoMmiTteD DuRiNg ThE pErPeTrAtiOn Or ThE AtTeMpT tO pErPeTrAtE aN iNhErEntLy DaNgErOuS FeLoNy Or OnE oF tHe StAtuToRiLy DeFiNeD FeLoNiEs
A CriMe SuFfiCiEntLy SeRiOuS pUniShAbLe By DeAtH Or A tErM oF mOrE tHaN oNe YeAr In StAtE oR FeDeRaL pRiSoN; SeNtEnCe In StAtE pRiSoN MaY Be LeSs ThAn A yEaR aT tHe DiScReTiOn Of ThE jUdGe AnD LiMiTs SeT bY StAtUtE
MoDeRn LaW tHe InTeNt To KiLL iS:
1.WiLLfuL iF...
2.DeLiBeRaTe iF...
3.PrEmEdiTaTeD iF...
1.WiLLfuL iF dOnE wiTh InTeNtiOn
2.DeLiBeRaTe iF dOnE pUrPoSeLy AnD wiTh DeSiGn
3.PrEmEdiTaTeD iF dEciSiOn To KiLL wAs RefLeCtEd UpOn
MaJoRiTy JuRiSdiCtiOn
a FeLoNy Is A cRiMe FoR wHiCh A pErSoN MAY BE SENTENCED tO iMpRiSoNmEnT FoR a MiNiMuM tErM oF oNe YeAr
RedLiNe JuRiSdiCtiOn
LiAbiLiTy Of A mUrDeR CaNnOt Be BaSeD oN tHe DeAtH Of a Co-FeLoN aT tHe HaNdS oF a ViCtiM, tHe PoLiCe Or AnOtHeR FeLoN
(ThE tRuTh VaLuE oF a MuRdEr CaNnOt Be BaSeD oN ThE dEaTh Of An AcCoMpLiCe iF sTaTeD bY a ViCtiM, tHe PoLiCe Or AnOtHeR FeLoN)
BrEaKiNg AnD EnTeRiNg A BuiLdiNg WiTh ThE iNtEnTiOn oF cOmMiTtiNg a FeLoNy
CoMpUtEr CriMe
BrOadLy To iNcLuDe AnY VioLaTiOn oF cRiMiNaL LaW tHat InvoLvEs ThE uSe Of CoMpUtEr TeChNoLoGy To CoMmiT tHe PrOhiBiTeD aCt
ThE aCt Of HiDiNg KnOwLeDgE oR oBjEcTs
ThE tAkInG oF pRoPeRtY bY sOmEoNe To WhOm iT wAs EnTrUsTeD
ThE uSe Of ThReAtS tO oBtAiN tHe PrOpErTy Of AnOtHeR (bLaCkMaiL)
An AcT tHaT iNvoLvEs a PeRsOn FaLseLy MaKeS oR aLtErS a WriTiNg Or DoCuMeNt WiTh InTeNt To DeFrAuD
ThE aCt Of UnLaWfuL TaKiNg aNd CaRrYiNg oF ThE pRoPeRtY oF aNoThEr WiTh InTeNt To StEaL iT
ThE aCt Of TaKiNg PrOpErTy FrOm A pErSoN's ImMeDiAtE pOsSeSsiOn By FoRcE oR iNtiMiDaTiOn
ThE oFfEriNg tO sOmEoNe As GeNuiNe A dOcUmEnT kNoWn To Be A fAkE