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Grand Jury
Body of citizens who determine weather probale cause that a crime has been commited
Indictment or True Bill
Written acussision used by grand jury against party charged with a crime
Plea Bargain
Admitting to a lesser crime
1st degree murder
Any muruder that results in life or death
2nd degree murder
Unlawful killing of another without deliberation
non intentional murder ;invoulentary
Simple Assault
Attempting or causing harm to someone
Aggravated Assault
Attempting or causing serios bodily harm
To threaten someone to take their property
Contempt of Court
Obstruction of court proceedings
County Court
Sees felony Cases
a document stating a request for all records of a previous cort
Peremptory Challenges
Dissmissing the jurror by the attorney for no stated reason
Challenge for Cause
dismissing a juror for a specific reason
Legal process which commands a witness to appear and testify
telling the untruth that may hurt a persons reputation
Any written fact that incriminates someone
Adjournment in contemplation of Dismissal
An offering by the judge to dismiss the case if the person stays out of trouble for 6 months
Youthful Offender Status
For the first offense a 16-19 year old's conviction may be erased
Prior Restraint
Prevention of an act believed to be a preasent danger
District Court
Handles federal crimes lowest level of court in federal system
Circuit Court of Appeals
Handles appeals; middle court in federal system
NY. court of appeals
NYS last resort
Mc Naughtons Law
Person not responsible when mental disturbance prevents them from knowing their actions
A higher court has a say no matter previous rulings
Exclusionary rule
evidence secured by illegal means and in bad faith cannot be introduced in a criminal trial
Due Process
Fairness in all legal matters; in fifth amendment
Lying after being sworn in
Chain of Custody
System to acount for everyone who handled evidence
Habeus corpus
a writ to bring a person before a court
Megan's law
Sex offenders are put into 3 categorys after leaving prison
Jenna's Law
6/7 of sentence must be served for first time sex offenders
Nolo Contendre
A plea that does not admit guilt but will not contest teh charges; can't be used in murder
Repeat criminals