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What is an example of a job which one can get with a degree in criminal justice as stated in class
Police Officer
What are two specific routes that one can take with a degree in criminal justice as stated in class
You can become a lawyer or become a state trooper
Briefle explain what the due process and crime control models refer to.
Due process give suspect benefit o the doubt, Crime contol emphasises protection of society
Give to examples of parallels in other fields in which principles of the due process and crime ontrol models are incorporated.
Business manager either emphasis dicipline which would be crime control, or can try to understand the problem, work with them that would be due process model, Making it the students responsibility crime control, teacher goes out of his or her way to help the students to make sure they understand due process
What were one or two general reasons why organized police forces developed, as indicated in the text or in class
Growth of cities, cities becoming more complex
As indicated in class why does the system of federalism in the us exist? Explain a specific example to illustrate the point. what does the term federalism refer to.
Division of pwoer between national and states government, we dont want to much power in the hands of the federal government- general warrant search anybodys home for any reason
Describe the example, presented in class, to illustrate the point that one of the major jobs of the police is to provide service to the community
Vandelism in the park, terrozing the elderly, recommended to the city government to install cameras
Explain why the police act as though Law enforcement is their primary job.
They get more money from the public
As presented in the text, give a specific illustration of why it is important to gear policing to the fact that we live in a multicultural society
The number of minorities is increasing in our society
Explain a specific example of how the community can assist the police in its crime fighting duties
neibhorhood watch
What is the basic purpose of a trial, as indicated in class
to determine innocence or guilt
What does plea bargaining refer to
Pleaing guilty for a lesser sentence
Law enforcement in the us is centralized rather than decentralized as indicated in class
Just about all of the duties of the police involve law enforcement, rather than order maintenance or the provision of services
Police perform a broad range of services, especially for lower income citizens as noted in the text
Just about everyone agrees with with or thinks that the services
The author indicates that same race policing may lead to a greater willingness or residents of minority neighborhoods to report crimes
Druing a criminal trial the burden of proof is one the state to proce a defendant guilty
When the police make an arrest, typically, the cases go all the way to trial as indicated in class
What are three specific types of correctional programming as indicated in class
prisons, jail, probation
what are three specific causes of crime, as presented in class
Poverty, family instability, influenced media
What are two programmatic aspects of the reformatory, as indicated in the text and in class
Academic training, vocational training
What are two specific functions of the jail as presented in the text
Hold people awaiting trial, to sentence mistamenor to lock people up for less than 1 year
What is the difference between rehabilitation and reintegration? discuss three specific aspects of the dismas halfway house program
Rehabilatation physcological concept, reintegratoin working with the offenders enviroment. family visitation, job placement assistance, community resource
Discuss what took place in the gault decision, including the crime how the supreme court ruled in the case and why. what was the overall significance of the gault decision as stated in class
Jerold gault making obsene telephone calls they overturned his convection for making the calls. his rights were violated such as not allowed to cross examine the people that were in the jury. overall significance juvinelles were treated more like adults