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What are the four legal doctrines that are used to attack the admissibility of statements and confessions?
1. voluntariness
2. Miranda
3. right to counsel
4. fruits of poisoness tree
Can police officer lie about leniency?
Can police officer lie about whether he will be charged?
Can police officer tell defendant that his partner had already confessed?
A coerced confession is subject to the ____ _____ ____.
harmless error rule
Who makes the decision about whether a statement is voluntary?
The judge
What are the Miranda warnings?
1.right to remain silent
2.if chooses to speek anything said can be used against her
3.right to attorney
4.if cannot afford attorney, court will appoint one
Statements made in violation of Miranda may or may not be used to impeached?
May be
When are miranda warnings required?
Custodial interrogation
When is a person in custody?
Not free to leave
Custody is determined by the reasonable expectation of the ______.
When is someone subject to interrogation?
Interrogation occurs either 1) directly thru police questioning, or
2) indirectly thru behavior the police should know is reasonably likely to illicit an incriminating response.
Is questioning by private security guard applicable to Miranda?
Does Miranda apply to on the scene questioning?
Does miranda apply to testimony given to IRS?
Does Miranda apply to grand jury testimony?
Does Miranda apply to jail cell questioning by undercover government employees?
Miranda was meant to protect against interrogation in
an inherently coerced police dominated environment.
What is the public safety exception?
Police can ask a question to protect potential victims.
When must interrogation cease?
1. d requests attorney, which is viewed as assertion of 5th amendment right to counsel.
2. where d wishes to remain silent, questioning must cease.
When can questioning resume?
1. where d changes her mind and volunteers, but a period of at least 2 hours is necessary.