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Complicity defined
imposes crim responsiblity on ind. for a crime committed by someone else, usually b/c these secondary actors have intentionally helped or encouraged the primary actor to commit the crime
CL Principals & Accomplices
Principals 1st: commits the crime
Princals 2nd: intentionally helps or encourages (watchman)
Acc. before fact: someone who intentionally helps the principal beforehand (but not present or nearby during)
Acc. after fact: intentionally renders aid after the crime (destroys evid)
MPC Principals & Accomplices 2.06
Considers all actors except those involved after the commission of a crime as equals
-D is G of any offense committed by his own conduct (vol. act & MR) & of offenses committed by the conduct of another for which he is legally responsible when the actor is an accomplice of another
MPC when is someone an accomplice
D solicits another to commit a crime; Pers aids or agrees or attempts to aid another in planning or committing a crime; pers has a duty to prevent P's crime but fails to act, then he is respons. for the crime committed by P
CL MPC MR of the crime aided
A must act w/at least the same MR or culpability req. for conviction of the ofense committed by P
CL MR to be an accomplice
conduct = purpose or intent to encourage/assist
result = it must be the same as req. by principal's offense
SL = some cts find the reasch to be unfair
MPC MR to be an accomplice
actor must act w/purpose of promoting or facilitating the commission of an offense
conduct = P that P will engage in conduct
circum = let cts dec. or the same req. for teh object crime
result = same as would be req. for conviction of P