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definition of Justice
the quality of being just, impartial, or fair
"Morality arises from the fact that humans, as rational beings, impose laws and structures of behavior upon themselves."
According to Kant
Kohlberg's Moral Stages
the responisibilities that are attached to a specific role
measures of worth or priority
Ethical Dilemmas
a decision that is difficult to make either because the right course of action is not clear or it carries some negative consequences.
Ethical dillemma that best describes why and officer maintains the code of silence in reference to other officers
Ethics of Care
cummutative justice?
component of justice concerned with the fairness of contracts and business relations
how many police values are there?
Officer tries to convince store owner not to press charges against and elderly man sholifting cartons of milk the officer is practicing?
Street Justice
Main reason for the Blue Curtain of secrecy in law enforcement?
A more specific of applied ethics relating to the behavior of certain professions or groups
Professional Ethics
Paternalistics Laws
*Protect people from themselves.
(seat belt laws, helmet laws, speeding laws)
Important criticism of the utilitarianism ethical system
no individual rights are considered.
Possible for individual prejudices and perceptions to influence their decision-making
procedural is concerned with ..
steps taken to reach determination of guilt & punishment (due process)
"An ethical system must be
1. not self serving
2. logically impartial or universal
3. authoratative
4. prescriptive"
According to Baelz
Corrective justice is concerned with?
Punishment and sanctions
what ethical system answers "what is good is that which benefits me?"
Toury Ohlin and Farrington found three major theoretical perspectives that address the origins of delinquency
2.attachment learning
Ends justify the means
example of "noble cause"
noble cause corruption is justified by which ethical system?
Utilitarian Ethical System
"testilying" is a euphemism for what police practce?
the ethical problem that is least associated with proactive investigations
perjury or testimony
Barker and Carter's list of typology of lies
1.accepted lies
2.tolerated lies
3.deviant lies
Objective test for entrapment
examines police officers role in the crime
Integrity testing of police is similar to what law enforcement tactics used against criminals?
The principle of doubt effect states that..
when one does an action to achieve a good end and an inevitable but unintended effectis negative, then the actions might be justified.
Integrity testing refers to which police management tactic?
sting operations
Police lead body that investigates civilian claims of police wrongdoing?
Internal Affairs Dept.
Famous trial of recent years acted as a catalyst for the scrutiny of the criminal court system in the United States
O.J. Simpson Trial
Public distrust of lawyers can be tracked back to
greek historians
justice system as two advocates engaging in the pursuit of the truth guided by a neutral third party best describes...
The Ideal Justice System
The model of judicial processing that priortizes efficiency over truth
bureaucratic justice
The American Bar Association attempts to monitor the ethical behavior of lawyers by...
standing committee/loyal misconduct
The belief that the loyalty to one's client surpasses individual and private decision making is characteristic of...
Legal Agent
"I am person first, a lawyer second" example of
moral agent
primary duty of defense attorney..
Plea bargaining
predominant public image of defense attorneys is that of...
"fast food Lawyers" refers to...
volume and speed
standard by which prosecutors should make decisions about pursuing charges is ...
due process
whose interests do prosecutors represent?
what factor would be unethical for a prosecutor to consider in making charging decisions?
Indentity of the victim
types of office policy that describes prosecutorial decision-making
1.possess common sense minds
3.know own emotions
4.sympathetic knowledge of humans
part time prosecutors may be more prone to what type of prosecutorial misconduct than full time prosecutors?
conflict of interest
what word describes the prosecutorial practice of confiscating property and money associated with certain criminal activities
which term describes an ethically questionable practice that prosecutors use during the process of plea bargaining?
charge bargaining
The ethical concern regarding expert witnesses is about whether they are really...
halo effects
Making deals with defendants in exchange for favorable testimony is one form of...
noble cause corruption
which set of thinkers saw criminal acts as symptoms of underlying pathology?
the rationale for punishment that is associated with the offender achieving salvation is...
the type of sentencing based on the seriousness of the crime and is consistent with retributive punishment..
General Deterrent is?
A form of prevention that is aimed at people other than the defender
Selective Incapacitation is ?
A form of detaining those who are at the highest risk of offending or re-offending
which ethical system is used to support preventing crime using dettering, incapacitation, and/or treatment?
what is the ethical system that the principle of forfeiture justifies punishment?
Which ethical system would only support punishments that seek to balance the needs of the offender and the victim?
Ethics of Care
Which ethical system contends that punishment should be consistent with the veil of ignorance?
Ethics of care
The primary ethical argument against private corrections is..
profit leads to abuse
what other criminal justice professional is most like the correctional officer?
Police Officer
Court decisions have limited what aspect of a correctional officer's duty?
The formal code of ethics for correctional officers is what type of code?
The American Correctional Association's Code of Ethics
The term Pluralistic ignorance describes..
vocal minority, create the belief of the majority
what term best describes the general relationship between correctional officers and inmates?
uneasy truce
the interdependance tha tmay develop between corrrectional officers and inmates that is characterized by favoritism is ...