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homicide-related crime that can be classified as a misdemeanor
Vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence
*Taking personal property of another against their will with use of force or fear
*if more force was used other than that to take the item
Simple battery is defined as..
To arrest a person for aiding, advising, or encouraging a suicide, what must be true?
2nd party must provide the method
completed crime of car jacking
*use of force or fear
*car was the objective
*to permamnently deprive
Voluntary manslaughter
*Intended to kill, but was not premeditated
*act of rage
justifiable homicide by a police officer
*reasonably believe that the person posed harm to officer or others-no crime
Angry customer spits on a clerk
Battery- misd.
Man pulls woman into car and restrains her from leaving. How can this be Kidnapping?
Move her from that location to another location which places her into more danger.-felony
an offensive touching or use of force on a person without the person's consent-wobbler
all battery contains?
involuntary manslaughter
*no intention for death
*unlawful act not amounting to a felony, resulting in death.
*person fails to exercise do caution
Grand Theft Person
*all theft from person regardless of value
First Degree Murder
*person killed with malice aforethought
*lie and wait
*murder for money
Excusable homicide
*killing by accident or misfortune
*lawful act, done in a lawful way resulting in death
water baloon thrown but misses
difference between gross negligence and without gross negligence?
*safety or due caution used
*public safety is considered
*unlawfully and depriving a person of a body part or rendering it useless
What changes mayhem to aggravated mayhem?
a person violently kicks another in the head and they go unconscious. what is the most serious crime charge?
*Assault with a Deadly Weapon
*anything other than bare body can be considered a deadly weapon
Justifiable homicide
*self defense
*protecting others from serious harm
*death of one person or viable fetus at the hands of another
person at crime scene who aids and assists actual perpetrator of crime is?
Criminal Conspiracy
2 or more
General Intent
*Mere doing of the deed
Burglary is complete?
*When one enters a building with intent to commit a theft or felony
Common law
*CA has none
Jury must unanimous in both civil and criminal cases?
*felony-only in criminal
The act of asking someone to commit one of 14 serious felonies. - Felony
Both civil and criminal require same level of proof
*crim-beyond reasonable doubt
*Civil-Jury belief
one can be an accessory to both misd. and felony crimes
*only after the commission of a felony
what is essential in robbery?
use of force or fear-felony
one who knowingly harbor and conceals a felon
principal appplies to felonies only
*applies to any crime
in civil law you can have public representation if you can't afford an attorney
true of infraction
*low level crime
*no jury trial
Types of intent
persons legally incapable of committing a crime
person who lacks mental capacity
theft of 401 is Grand theft
elements of theft
*intent to permanently derive
*embeselment that accumulates to 400+
*all firearms
In robbery the amount and the value of the property is immaterial provided that there is some value.
penalty for commission of a crime
*county time
*state time
*court ordered classes
*Comm serv.
theft and larceny are synonymous
civil wrong
fiduciary relationship
crime of forgery
signing a name of another without authorization