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what is creativity?
process of generating unique/novel ideas and solutions that have the utility of value are appropriate to the task
what evidence does couger provide to suggest that the creative process is more methodical than mystical
those who are really creative have a process, lots of great ideas come by chance but through the process
ability to generate a large number and wide assortment of ideas and solution
divergent thinking
ability to evaluate and find the best idea or set set of idea
convergent thinking
problem with a known path to the solution. math, instructions, recipe
problems without known path to a solution. No formula for success.
-environmental variable, culture changes, tech. changes
why is it neccessary to have a good working definition of creativity?
if we don't we have no criteria to judge creativity
what does it mean to say that creativity is relative to the person
whats novel/utility to person may not be to another
what did we learn about evaluating and producing creative marketing strategy from the Absolute Vodka story
utility- com. well
novel-uniqueness (twisting image)
Like to learn and solve problems through hands-on experience
-trial and error-retnetion-incidental learning-risks
1-Generators (Novel)
-In-direct experience
-prepared-avoid negative effects of failure
-like solving big problems
2-Thinking (Novel)
Know how to see a good idea when given it. Risk adverse/Do not want to make a mistake.
3-Optimizers (Utility)
-Driven by action
-Solve Problems through people
4-Implementors (utility)
In Bassadur's model which groups don't get along
1-3, 2-4
Explain each group in Creative Process
Problem finding-1
idea generation-2
idea evaluation-3
idea implementation-4
What are the attributes needed for creativity
-Domain Relevant Knowledge
-General Knowledge
Ability to find new/novel relationships b/w seemingly unrelated concepts, objects, or ideas
forced association
mental approach to solving problems
-CPS profile
Cognitive Style

-cognitive flexible=good
Locked into methods
Functional Fixedness=bad
Positive Personality Traits
Adventurous, Playful, Curious, Persistent, disciplined, self-motivated, knowledgable, risk takers, don't mind ambiguity, can concentrate for long spans, cognitively flexible
Negative Personality Traits
Stubborn, abscent minded, uncommunicative, easily dissatisfied, highly critical, withdrawn, highly emotional, non-comformist.
Creative Barriers
Perceptual (assumptions/beliefs)
Cultural (norms, values)
Emotional Barriers (mental block)
Intellectual (past experiences)
Deep Dive PRocess
1-Problem Finding
2-Gather relevant info
3-idea generation
4-idea evaluation
5-teams-idea elaboration
6-Combine concepts
7-final product
Cougers Problem solving model
1)problem definition
2-compiling relevant info
3-generate idea
4-evaluate ideas
5-develop plan
compare problem finding stages of CPS and MKT
1) Problem ID=analyze marketing opportunities
2)Problem delineation=select target mkt
3)Info gather=mkt research and info. systems
compare solution finding of CPS and MKT
1) Idea generation 2) Idea evaluation and refinement = developing MKT MIX (poduct, distribution, price, promotion)
compare solution implementing of CPS and MKT
idea implementing=managing the MKTing effort
The perceived dissatisfaction w the performance of existing things (products) or processes (services)
-a fault finding approach to problem identification
creative (constructive) discontent
Bug List Procedure
1)each group member lists 5 to 10 problems w a good/service
2)consolidate list
3)vote on bugs to resolve
4)brainstorm way to resolve