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The English colonists in North America needed workers, so they started forcing Africans to come to the colonies to work as
SOme of the settlers who came to the English colonies in the 1700s wanted to keep many of the feedoms that they had in England. The right to vote as one these freedoms. What group couldnot vote in the 1700s?
What American colony was the FIRST to be settled by the English?
How did the growing of tobacco help the colonists of Jamestown?
It brought them a great amount of money.
The British colonies of North America were divided into three regions-New England, Middle, and Southern. The Southern colonies would BEST be described as an area of
rolling plains with few trees.
Who was the first person to sail around the earth?
Ferdinand Magellan
Portuguese explorers rounded the southern tip of Africa, and Spanish explorers sailed west across the Atlantic. Both coutries were trying to find an all-water route to what land?
Southwestern Native Americans' way of living depended on the resources in their area. How would you describe their way of life?
They grew beans and corn and made pottery from clay.
The Native American tribes had different ways of living. The Native Americans of the Southwest lived in hogans, houses built of logs and mud. Why did they build this type of home?
They were made from things that were present in the area.
The way of living of Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest depended on the resources in the area. What activity best describes their way of life?
They fished for salmon and hunted whale and caribou.